ROQUEMAURE A fashion show for the residents of the Lavandines nursing home

Marguerite says so: she “had no stage fright at all” (Photo: Thierry Allard / Objectif Gard)

“It is the first time, at 92 years old, that I have stepped on a red carpet.” Odette, a resident of the Ehpad des Lavandines, in Roquemaure, wore a smile on her face this Friday afternoon, on the occasion of the fashion show organized by the establishment and the Comptoir de l’hirondelle.

For this reason, on the occasion of the closing of the Blue Week, a day dedicated to fashion was organized in collaboration with the Comptoir de l’hirondelle, which offers this concept of “pop-up store” of clothing suitable for the elderly and parades Fashion. A few months. “It is a concept born in the north of France that we adapted, with the aim of offering a festive animation around prêt-à-porter”explains Sandrine Debreuque, at the head of the Comptoir de l’hirondelle with Amélie Hueso.

Odette received a surprise visit from her son and daughter-in-law for the show (Photo: Thierry Allard / Objectif Gard)

The idea is “Showing residents, just because you’re 80 doesn’t mean you can’t be a model”, adds Sophie, facilitator of the retirement home with her colleague Valérie. And we can also enjoy the clothes from last spring of the 80s, with the morning shopping that also saw the neighbors running the store of the association of the À tire d’aile establishment. “It was a great responsibility for them”Sofia emphasizes.

Elena, during her visit to the red carpet at the Ehpad des Lavandines, in Roquemaure (Photo: Thierry Allard / Objectif Gard)

As for the parade, resident volunteers Lucette, Elena, Odette, Liliane, Nicole, Robert, Geneviève, Marguerite and Christiane, who were joined at the end, walked the red carpet. Robert even dared to dance a few steps to the song he had chosen, a piece by Elvis Presley. Christiane had chosen a piece… from Shy’m.

Robert, the only man willing to parade, started some dance steps on Elvis (Photo: Thierry Allard / Objectif Gard)

All in a good atmosphere, under the gaze of the neighbors, their families and the staff of the establishment, at the end of a busy week. Thus, the neighbors especially received the visit of a choir, they participated with the staff in an evening on the theme of the 80s, in a sports workshop, another in cooking and another in the manufacture of moisturizing cream. And next week, place for the week of taste, not those clothes.

Thierry ALLARD

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