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Zara is unanimous among fashionistas thanks to a new item. This is a sparkling jewel belt!

The Spanish brand Zara has just hit very hard in rrevealing an original piece and bling-bling. In fact, the new jewel belt is likely to cause a sensation among fashionistas.

Zara presents an incredible jewel belt

Decidedly, Zara never ceases to stand out from the rest of the brands. Over the years, the giant has made its way and is now establishing itself as a leader in the field of fashion. And this, by offering basic pieces, but also very trendy at quite reasonable prices.

ready for everything to satisfy your most loyal customers, Zara overflows with creativity. Midi dresses, linen pants, mom jeans, oversize shirts, fitted tops, blazers, suede boots or even beaded pumps… There is something for all tastes and pockets on the shelves of its stores.

In presenting its new, recently launched catalogue, the brand is also unanimous among fashion lovers. Much to the delight of these fans, he then reveals a essential novelty for the winter season.

With this original belt, impossible not to succumb. Ideal accessory to add a touch of energy. and style, it will highlight all your looks.

We also love its roomy design and the fact that shines everywhere ! This wide metallic belt with beaded appliqués will allow you to highlight your old dresses to make them more elegant.

Wide cut belt that fits well at the waist, it will adapt very well to all body types and silhouettes. We obviously understand why she is in the process of become the key accessory of the season.

A belt for the holidays for less than €40

Are you tired of gray days? To cheer you up, bet everything on your outfit! Colors, rhinestones, sequins… Everything is allowed and that, Zara understood very well.

By presenting its new stone belt, the Spanish brand Zara has delighted all fashion lovers. And for a good reason… Its special and original design will bring totally different touch to your outfits.

Elegant blouses, dresses, tight sweaters,… All styles are allowed to wear your new belt. Instead, trust solid and monochrome pieces to highlight its silver tone.

If you wear it with a basic black dress, for example, you will have a crazy party outfit ! And in order not to leave anything to chance, the fashion giant has opted for many small details.

On the back, for example, it has a fine band that gives it more magnificence, with a sober fit (this without taking away the elegance and style of your outfit, of course).

Meanwhile, the front and slim band are completely covered with tiny mesh-like metallic dots. If you look closely, this metal mesh also comes with ” small circular stones, which have a translucent finish and creates the best contrasts with the metallic background, to shine from any point of view. ” the creators entrust us.

The materials used for its manufacture are brass, steel, zinc and glass for the stone sconces. Zara promises us, therefore, a “ strong and durable belt that you can use over and over again without losing its aesthetics. »

Without forgetting this adorable silver finish that will combine perfectly with your most beautiful party looks. So ready to succumb to this jewel belt at 39.95 euros ?

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