Seven to eight – “Pure bravery”, “Tears in the eyes”, “Unbearable images”: the tweeters very moved by report on the revolt of Iranian women

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This Sunday, October 9, 2022, Seven to Eight moved Internet users with a report on the revolts against the oppression of Iranian women. Many Twitter users praised the courage of these women, willing to risk their lives for freedom. Alongside these strong images, another topic about a couple of Swiss tiktokers seemed very hollow to them…

Like every Sunday, TF1 viewers were able to find their informative Sept à Huit. This October 9, 2022, the program presented by Harry Roselmack prominently offered a report on a couple of Swiss tiktokers to 20 million subscribers. Nicolás and Daniela accumulate 5 billion views on Tiktok, and they do not hesitate to share the most intimate moments of their lives, from the marriage proposal in the Dubai desert, to the first cries of their son in the bathroom of childbirth: like this Nicolás finds out at the same time as his subscribers that he is going to be a father. Between school sketches such as “A boy, a girl”, a sitcom project and juicy alliance proposals by the brands, the report immersed viewers in the day-to-day life, very exposed and a bit “overrated” (according to Twitter users). of this couple of star influencers. . It is therefore difficult to negotiate the turn with the theme that followed: the women’s revolt in Iran. Especially since the report, particularly harsh, caused a powerful wave of emotions on Twitter. And for cause…

Since the death of Mahsa Amini on September 16, who was allegedly tortured by the morality police for not covering her hair sufficiently, Iranian women (and Iranians, as the document shows) have risen in revolt against the current regime. The report followed in particular a thirty-year-old woman, renamed Roya so as not to be recognized, who participated in the demonstrations. For shopping bareheaded on the streets of Tehran, this young woman risks being flogged and spending months in prison. But that doesn’t stop him from braving her dangers. Followed by cameras from Seven to Eight, Roya headed to a supermarket, where she passed two veilless women like her. “Courage spreads, you become brave like a lioness and say ‘I’m not alone,'” she rejoiced then.

“I have enormous respect for these women who fight”

His apartment has become a veritable protester headquarters, where his supporters parade with good and bad news. Like the one about the arrest of one of his friends… It’s hard for them to obtain reliable information: the authorities cut off the internet between 4 pm and midnight, the time of the demonstrations. By going to protest in the street, Roya and her friends run all the risks. The crackdown is said to have already killed 185 people. Highly shocking scenes in the report showed an Iranian man shot to death in his car for expressing his support for protesters by honking his horn.

On September 20, 16-year-old Nika Shakarami disappeared during a demonstration. Her body was found ten days later. During an interview with a foreign media, her mother says that her daughter was beaten and her skull was pressed. For his part, the cousin of another victim of repression, Mahsa Amini, gave an interview via internet to the teams from Seven to Eight. He evokes the pressure of the regime since the death of his cousin: “They want our family to say that Mahsa had an illness since childhood, but that is not true.”

The report then turned to Roya’s actions. Wary of the plainclothes militiamen, who shoot at those who openly film the demonstrations, the 30-year-old woman had an idea: hide her phone in a box of tissues placed on the dashboard of her car. At her own risk… On Twitter, the bravery of Iranian women risking their lives to regain their freedom impressed many people. And many viewers wanted to support them virtually.

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