shortages continue at service stations

TotalEnergies and Esso-ExxonMobil say they are ready to negotiate with the unions. Elisabeth Borne promises that the situation will improve thanks to deliveries of strategic stocks.

Soon the solution to the social conflict that blocks refineries and causes fuel shortages at service stations? TotalEnergies, of which three French refineries are closed, made a gesture to the strikers on Sunday. “The company proposes to advance in October the mandatory annual negotiation that was scheduled for November»explains the group in a press release. One condition: stop blocking sites beforehand. The CGT, which moves the strings of this strike, had released the ballast on Saturday. Forgotten complaints about rentals and investments in France. The union is determined to talk only about wages during negotiations. “We are ready to start on Monday based on our wage demand alone.», explains, on Twitter, Éric Sellini, coordinator of the CGT at TotalEnergies. For its part, the management of Esso-ExxonMobil in France announced on Sunday evening in a press release its intention to meet on Monday “the four trade union organizations representing the staff”.

It’s about time: with this strike of more than ten days that affects five refineries out of eight in France (TotalEnergies and Esso sites), deliveries of super and diesel arrive in drops at the pumps. Also, TotalEnergies outlets offering 30% off are taking over. Result, Sunday, 29.7% of service stations in France were experiencing supply difficulties. The situation is very worrying in two regions: Hauts-de-France, where 54.8% of stations are sold out, and Île-de-France, where 44.9% are in the same situation.

If Total is less inflexible now, it is because it has listened to the executive’s calls for conciliation: the Elysée is aware that fuel shortages can quickly degenerate in France. On Friday, Emmanuel Macron urged all parties to be responsible. On Sunday, the Minister for the Ecological Transition, Agnès Pannier-Runacher, kept up the pressure: “I would like to reaffirm the very strong call of the government to the leaders and unions of Total and Esso. A solution must be found without delay within the framework of social dialogue, which must take place within companies.» Although the content of the superprofit tax has not been decided, the French group has no interest in alienating public authorities.

Operators already well paid

For its part, the CGT knows that its troops can get tired after a long conflict, where it does not have the support of all the unions. “The CFDT is not so much for preventive strikes”, believes his boss, Laurent Berger. But if there are negotiations, they will be tough because the two parties are not on the same line: the CGT demands a 10% wage increase. TotalEnergies handles ambiguity. Have the desire that all employees have priority in the distribution of value and receive a fair reward for their efforts in their paycheck before the end of the year“. But remember that the operators of the refineries do not complain with an average remuneration of 5,000 euros per month between participation and profit sharing. Without waiting for an agreement to be reached, the Prime Minister, Élisabeth Borne, promises that shortages at the pump will decrease this week thanks to the “deliveries” of “strategic actions” French.

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