Should we see the episode broadcast this Tuesday, November 8 of the detective series with Samuel Le Bihan?

good episodealex hugo entitled An impossible dream proposed on Tuesday November 8 on France 3 is a broadcast, it does not prevent, it is a good vintage. Like most of the time! The test, the episode broadcast last week, and also a great success, brought together 6.18 million fans of the greenest cop on the small screen, always perfectly played by Samuel Le Bihan. However, despite the success of this series, fully available on Salto, the actor thinks delicately about the ending.

Alex Hugo (France 3): should we see the episode broadcast this Tuesday, November 8 of the police series with Samuel Le Bihan?

While he used to walk everywhere without ever hurting himself, this time, Alex Hugo was unlucky and fell off his cliff. Result, he loses the north, spends the night in the open and when joining a road the next day, he is hit by a car. The driver drops him off at the hospital. When he comes to his senses, he discovers a note in his pocket asking for his help. And here is our good Alex Hugo looking for this stranger. Without knowing it, he will find himself trapped within a community that lives almost in autarchy. Once it is not customary, our hero finds himself taken hostage and in an unfortunate position. Which gives this episode a special flavor. In the cast of this adventure, lovers of French fiction will recognize Jérémie Covillault, seen in Les Invisibles in particular, back on France 2 from Wednesday, November 23, which is undoubtedly another asset of this episode apart.

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Will Tony Leblanc take the lead?

It is no longer a secret, not only has Lionel Astier decided to leave the series, but he has also finished filming the last chapters in which Angelo, his character, appears. In the series, he played the chief of the Lusagne rural police. Therefore, it is logical to wonder who will resume his position at the head of the team. Tony Leblanc, the likeable and endearing brigadier general played by Fabien Baïardi? “He will necessarily have more responsibilities, reveals Samuel Le Bihan. He was at the reception and recovers Angelo’s office, for whom he has a deep respect. Suddenly, her photo is on her desk. We play the lack, the absence. It is very moving and dramatically more interesting. It’s like in life, people leave but we don’t replace them. We just miss them.” Even if fans of the series will miss Angelo, it’s a safe bet they’ll be happy for Leblanc. Like us !

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