SMS scams: CPF overflow, Netflix alert, Ameli tracking… how to report (and make disappear) fraudulent messages?

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You may be contacted by many unknown numbers on a regular basis by phone in an attempt to steal your identity. A free service allows you to report these scams, which will no longer be able to contact you.

Are scam messages encouraging you to spend money in your CPF account or click on a link to pay for your Netflix subscription multiplying on your phone? You are in the same situation as thousands of French, who are facing increasing SMS scams. However, there is an easy way to help stop “spam” (phishing) and fight these scams: transfer the number to a free service.

33700, a fast and free call

When you receive a fraudulent SMS, you can forward it to 33700, an initiative of the Association Française du Multimédia Mobile. Once you have forwarded the content of the message, enter the phone number that sent it to you. This simple operation should prevent the number from contacting you again and will “unblock” the numbers to which this scam is sending you.

When you receive a fraudulent sms you can pass it to 33700, in a 2nd message it asks for the number that sent you the sms and that’s it.
At this time many fake sms from security. @Assur_Maladie #Ameli “your new Vitale card”, and @NetflixFR .

— Emilie Mazoyer (@EmilieRadioFr) October 5, 2022

The 33700 site indicates that the procedure does not instantly prevent the number from contacting you: therefore, you may receive other incentives from the same source. However, as the site explains, this report is “a civic approach, which benefits all consumers, and is one of the only ways operators can fight this scourge.”

The same practice is possible in the case of “voice spam”: this practice, unlike commercial prospecting, consists of showing a missed call on your phone so that you call a special rate number. If you receive this type of scam call, you can report the number that called you to 33700, as well as the number that you were tricked into calling. A quick and practical gesture that will save you a lot of hassle.

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