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Kate Middleton appeared in a superb red tweed jacket from Zara, for less than 60 euros!

Red definitely suits the Princess of Wales very well. Kate Middleton sent a video message wishing the Red Roses England women’s national rugby team good luck at the Rugby World Cup in New Zealand. In her video we see her with a red tweed jacket Zara. The Princess of Wales had already worn it in February 2022: then it was available in stores and on display for less than 60 euros. Kate Middleton often wears clothes: she rarely wears an outfit just once. If the princess sometimes wears designer clothes, she also sometimes wears more affordable pieces like a Zara dress in 2020, her cream blazer at Queen Elizabeth II’s Jubilee or earrings from Asos.

This red blazer suits her complexion very well. It is one of the shades that comes back the most this fall, along with pink, blue and green (among others, because brown is also present in store collections). Kate Middleton chose to wear this bright red blazer with a simple (yet effective) white t-shirt. She is sublime in this timeless blazer. As this blazer is no longer available, we found a similar jacket for you to get now.

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€29.99 instead of €49.99

How to adopt the tweed jacket?

Do you love this chic and elegant blazer? You’re in luck because tweed is a very fashionable material this fall-winter 2022. We see it everywhere. In blazers like Kate Middleton’s, but also in jacket/skirt sets. It is a very chic material reminiscent of the Chanel house. But how to adopt the tweed jacket? It’s pretty simple. You can choose a black, nude or colored blazer according to your tastes and your desires of the moment. Then you can match it with many outfits in your dressing room. We love to wear it with straight blue or black jeans, loafers (fall’s trending shoes), and a blouse or t-shirt underneath. You can also wear it with a skirt (we like short pleated or midi skirts) and ankle boots or trainers. We can also imagine him with winter shorts, a sweater and high boots.

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