TESTIMONY. “We met on this volleyball court, both of us with problems”

She looks young, Sylvie, her hair pulled back that day, it’s her husband Vincent saying so: “She always looked younger”smiles, neatly trimmed white beard, 67 years old, sitting next to her, two years younger, in her salon in Montval-sur-Loir (Sarthe). “Also, I must tell you that from the beginning, I looked at his volleyball license to be sure of his age. » They laugh.

These two met in 1975, during a competition in the Hérault. The one from Palois played under the banner of the Youth of Saint-Augustin de Bordeaux, the city where he studied at Creps to be a Physical Education teacher; she still lived with dad mom, high school student, volleyball player at ASPTT Bordeaux.

It’s Vincent who tells the rest, and it shouldn’t last long. otherwise he will cry Sylvia said. “We didn’t know each other at all. he said. Our two teams qualified for the final of the French championship. They took place in Montpellier. » And it was April 12, 1975, the Sud-Ouest newspaper had reported it, Sylvie kept the article.

Vicente’s team loses, and as usually happens in these cases, the boys join another room, land in the stands and support the local team that is still in contention. Sylvie’s, in this case. “Vincent took his place in the stands. I was on the bench, a substitute, small, not very focused on the game of my teammates, I admit it”. Vincent: “There, I saw this little brunette…and I totally flashed. » Silvia: “He sees me, therefore, and says nothing but nonsense. He makes me laugh. He spoke verlan at that time. He said: “Allo Bordé” instead of “Allez Bordeaux”. » To the : “Little things like that, yes. » She : “So I saw her in her jokes. And also her voice… powerful. »

“Immediately we felt very good together”

They get to know each other better on the train back, this young man of 20 in front of this young woman of 18. Her: “We talked for several hours. » To the : “Immediately we felt very good together. Then we left each other on the station platform, not knowing each other’s names..

It is necessary to put the scene in the context of the time, namely: neither Facebook nor mobile phones. Vincent: “I searched for her for several weeks, I was trying to get information, through a friend who was doing athletics at ASPTT Bordeaux, her club. Because for me… It was love at first sight. » Sylvie, she didn’t search.

Summer vacations are coming. Vincent returns to…

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