The 10 Weirdest And Most Unusual Video Game Secrets You Have To Dig Into

Hey fellow gamers, do you like video games, secrets, and weird things like cucumber soup? Then you have come to the right place since we are going to talk about the strangest secrets of video games, those sometimes disturbing or really very original Easter eggs well hidden in certain dark and pixelated corners of our favorite worlds. Without wasting any more time, I suggest you immediately see some unusual examples in this area or see my photos from my vacation on Lac du Der, with my introduction to paddleboarding.

1. The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim – Hall of the Dead Characters

Probably the weirdest room in this fucking endless game where my part is older than my son: the one where all the non-playable characters you’ve killed go because you have huge anger issues to deal with. Thanks to a sleight of hand, you can (with difficulty) reach this room that you shouldn’t be able to visit and in which piles of corpses are piled up. Actually, these are all the non-playable characters (NPCs) you’ve killed and they’re probably locked in there so you won’t run into them again in the game, but it’s still creepy.

2. The Outside World: Herbert’s Shelter

As you walk along the Cascadia side, you may reluctantly find a certain Herbert’s underground hideout. When you enter, the famous hermit will attack you on sight, leaving you with no choice but to kill him. Once this is done, you can search the facility and discover skeletons, robots, and a note telling you that Herbert was a boy who took refuge alone with his parents in this shelter, that his parents died, and that he was raised by robots in a sad life. of solitude and without birthday cakes. And you just ran into him, you, the first living thing he’s met in years. Happiness.

3. Game Boy Camera – The ultra creepy photos

When the game / gadget game camera The one that allowed taking photos and making minigames came out, it was a small revolution. There were some minigames in there where you had multiple options, including one that said “run”. And when you touched it, you could see some pretty creepy black and white images of faces appearing with the message “What are you trying to run away from?” », which immediately became less childish and sympathetic.

4. Hitman Contracts – The Phantom of the Hotel

Surprisingly, there is a ghost in the game. hitman contracts : In a level that takes place in a hotel, you can go to a room where there seems to have been a bloodbath, and if you look in the mirror, you will see a super creepy ghost behind you. Also you can even kill this bastard and drag his corpse that is already dead enough to hide it, it’s not super logical, but he didn’t steal it, to scare the bald guys like agent 47 who restyled.

5. Death Stranding – The monster under the bed

When you go to a base to take a shower and rest between deliveries in this nightmarish version of the Iceland trekking simulation, you can discover a funny trick when trying to place the camera in Norman Reedus’s crotch. The latter will show you the middle finger, move the camera away and express disgust at him, but if you insist, you will have a visit from a monster the next time you sleep (in-game, don’t worry). This monster is also the face of the game director himself, Hideo Kojima.

6. The Last of us (remake) – The office of “The Office”

This one isn’t necessarily creepy, but you might notice that the creators of the new version of the excellent The last of us they had fun putting the famous offices of Dunder Mifflin (The Office) in their game. The thing is still pretty creepy as the place is deserted, all in ruins and we can tell that the whole team is dead which immediately makes the wink be less fun. .

7. Max Payne 3 – Soap Opera Rosemary’s Baby

At the third level of Max Payne 3 (the one at the soccer stadium), you can watch a TV for a few minutes until it starts broadcasting some kind of soap opera in which we see the birth of a super rare demon baby that strangely reminds of the movie rosemary’s baby and quite uncomfortable. But you were too busy killing 300 people in the stadium to notice.

8. Assassin’s Creed 2 – The Kraken

in the moment in which assassin’s Creed it was a good series of games (yes, complaint) we were able to find a really cool easter egg in the second part. In a temple room you could see a creature moving in the water and if you managed to solve a puzzle made up of stupid mechanisms, the monster would finally let go of its huge tentacles. Ok, that was absolutely useless though.

9. Red Dead Redemption 2 – The Paint House

red dead 2 It’s full of easter eggs or weird encounters (like the horrible incestuous couple or the people of the night), but one of the weirdest is the paint house. It’s basically a very ordinary cabin with a painting that has just started. But each time you return to the cabin, the portrait becomes more and more detailed until you can see the face of a man with a mustache and a hat. Nothing too weird, you might think, but this is a nod to the first red dead and it is a character that we meet several times and that is simply the devil.

10. PT (Silent Hills) – The true location of Lisa’s ghost

This demo made by Hideo Kojima dubbed PT for “playable teaser” it was supposed to announce the game silent hills that in the end will never come out. In it we moved around an apartment while we had the feeling that a ghost was following our every move. We also saw his shadow projected on the walls every time we moved, as if the ghost had been grafted onto our backs. One player managed to enter the game’s source code and separate the character’s camera from it, only to realize that in reality the ghost we were looking for in every corner was permanently attached to the player’s back. Sinister.

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