the battle of redemption has begun

What’s next after this announcement?

Yesterday in the afternoon, the athletic dropped a bomb. Precisely, the British media have revealed that Fenway Sports Group (FSG) has decided to put the Liverpool club up for sale. “A comprehensive business presentation has been made for interested parties. FSG has looked at opportunities in the past, but has decided not to take advantage of them. It is not clear if an agreement will finally be reached or not, but FSG is requesting offers.”, we could read in the English publication. Information confirmed by other means calmly.

Owners no longer feel able to compete with other European leaders

After twelve years at the helm of the Mersey club, FSG, who had bought the English team from George Gillett Jr. and Tom Hicks, has therefore decided to part with him. Despite several titles won in recent years, including an English league and a Champions League, the owners have decided to pass the baton. They certainly think it’s time to move on, as the Reds look a bit worse off this season (8th in the Premier League). FSG, which admitted having considered “new shareholders if it were the best for Liverpool as a club”in fact, he wants the Reds to step up.

The current owners think that they can no longer compete with the other stables financially supported by the States, for example. This is particularly problematic in the transfer window. A market that had frustrated some fans but also Jürgen Klopp, who wanted his club to take more risks. Aware of its limits, the directors have decided to look for solutions and are seriously considering the sale. Especially since the well-structured club has a huge fan base and can make a lot of money. Enough to attract potential investors.

Names have already come out of the hat

This Tuesday, the English press, which widely comments on this information, revealed the names of certain businessmen interested in this project. It should be noted that the sale price of the team trained by Klopp is estimated at 4,100 million euros according to the liverpool eco. But the English medium indicates that the owners will seek to get more (around 4,500 million euros). Therefore, it will be necessary to be financially strong to take up the torch or invest in the club. the liverpool eco cites Jim Ratcliffe’s name as a potential acquisition candidate.

The INEOS founder was already set to draw at Chelsea and Manchester United and his fortune is estimated at €17.2 billion. Ratcliffe and his teams, who already own Nice and Lausanne Sport, want to take control of one of the top 6 clubs in the Premier League. Liverpool, therefore, have everything they are looking for. American billionaires David Blitzer and Josh Harris, who own 18% of Crystal Palace, are also cited, as are the Ricketts family and American Stephen Pagliuca, owner of both the Boston Celtics and Atalanta NBA teams. Finally, the liverpool eco indicates that the English club could be taken over by investors from the Middle East. The battle has begun to afford Liverpool!

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