The cartel is the victim of a scam, they have robbed him of almost 10,000 euros!

Leclerc’s store in Saint-Leu has been the subject of much discussion after a family stole almost €10,000 from them in the space of 6 months. Explanation !

The Leclerc store located in Saint-Leu was recently the victim of a scam. However, it was only after 6 months that the staff found out.

Absolutely everyone was in shock. Apparently, a family had stolen about 10,000 euros from them in such a short time. Here is the essential information to remember!

Leclerc: The store was robbed by a family!

Staff at Leclerc’s store in Saint-Leu had noticed a questionable detail last month. They found one car in particular quite suspicious. The latter, however, went several times to the same fund. And each time, the family went out with fully loaded shopping carts. This habit seemed suspicious to the guard. The latter then grew suspicious of these particular consumers over the months.

The guard couldn’t let this situation pass any longer. He then insisted on checking the receipt of the family. Since the Leclerc store is quite concerned about this type of detail. So, the brand wanted to conduct a cart review. The staff then made a great discovery. The receipt used by this family had nothing to do with the products observed in the shopping cart.

One thing is certain, the security guard had realized that Leclerc’s store had been scammed all this time. The amount shown in total was largely lower compared to the number of cart contents. The staff had also spotted another unmistakable detail after scanning the items one by one. To your surprise, these only cost pennies per product.

Let’s take as an example carts whose estimated number of products is worth at least 200 euros. The family, for its part, does not pay even half the price. On the contrary, these “loyal” Leclerc consumers only paidten euros. The security guard had wanted to make an immediate fix. And this, directly advising the management to open the investigation.

More than 9000 euros have to be repaid!

The director then took charge of all the surveillance cameras installed in the Leclerc store. And it was with great surprise that he had discovered this other disturbing detail. The cashier also participated. The latter was apparently part of the family! The guard had checked his loyalty card details so he could extract more information.

The figure was finally revealed. The family had dismantled nearly 70 carts at this Leclerc store over the past 6 months. The main affected will have to pay for their crime. In fact, they will have a hard time going up the slope since the loads turn out to be heavy. These scammers will be forced to pay a fine of 10,000 euros.

The family was summoned before the Saint-Pierre court on Thursday, October 27. The culprits had admitted their acts and confess to being willing to suffer the consequences. These Leclerc users couldn’t kick their bad habit as they were apparently addicted. ” It was like a drug, we talked about it among ourselves, telling each other that we had to stop… “They had explained!

As she was told, the family was not alone in developing this plan. The latter could count on the cashier’s sister. The main stakeholder had obviously lost her job after the discovery of her little ride. ” You played more than caddies in this “, joked the judge. The latter had even sanctioned the young woman. She can never do the same job again.

“We had money worries”

The cashier’s sister admits to doing this for good causes. ” i did this to help “, she confessed. Before adding: We had money worries but I know it’s wrong “. Although she chose to be honest, that does not seem to solve things. The store wants all scammers (without exception) to refund all the stolen products! The lawyer Alain Le Bras seems to disagree with the amount proposed by Leclerc.

A calculation of financial thugs “, had judged. Before specifying: Everyone knows that flights on major brands are already counted in the prices displayed “. The man continues his speech indicating that he is the ” starting price, with VAT and margin applied “. The defendant also returned to the lack of representatives and lawyers on the part of Leclerc. Finally, the court reached another conclusion. This family will be sentenced to 150 hours of community service.

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