the city council and the neighbors mobilize

In a few weeks, in mid-November, the downtown pharmacy will close at Montignac-Lascaux. It was a rumor, it’s confirmed according to the direction of the pharmacies. The transfer is organized to incorporate the other local pharmacy installed in the commercial area next to the supermarket two kilometers away. It is about grouping in the same place the personnel and the services. The situation is badly experienced by some neighbors and by the municipality of Montignac.


A pharmacy that closes near doctors’ offices

“There are always two pharmacies in Montignac” Claudine Lacabanne remembers. This Périgourdine has lived here for almost 60 years. Claudine Lacabanne even remembers the names of the former owners. The current owners who arrived in 2019 recently announced that they were going to merge: “It’s a bit absurd, the doctors are in the center and when people go out with their prescription, they will have to go up to the other pharmacy and go around Montignac”.

Claudine Lacabanne is one of 450 petition signers which ended up on the desk of the mayor of Montignac. Laurent Mathieu has a file on the and soon the Montignac pharmacy. He is worried not only about the elderly inhabitants of Montignac who have difficulty moving, but also about the tourists and visitors who are numerous during the summer.

“Affected 60% of the population” according to a study by the City Council

The City Council commissioned a “pharmaco-geo-demographic” study to measure the impact of the closure of this pharmacy. According to Laurent Mathieu, the closure of the pharmacy will affect “60% of the population of Montignac, half of whom are elderly”. The study carried out last July by a pharmaceutical consultant estimates that while Montignac has some 2,800 inhabitants, some 12,000 people of the sector to go to the pharmacies of the municipality. The consultant also specifies that with the closure of the center pharmacy, there will no longer be a pharmacy accessible on foot or by public transport in Montignac.


The mayor would like a new pharmacist to be able to settle in the city center but it would be necessary to obtain an exception because the installation of pharmacies is conditioned by the number of inhabitants. Laurent Mathieu intends to send letters to the Dordogne Prefecture and the Regional Health Agency.

Pharmacists explain that they are obliged to share the means

The joint management of the two Montignac pharmacies explains that they have no other choice and are obliged to pool the means. According to her, the measure was imposed after the health crisis related to the coronavirus and a very difficult period experienced by the team last January at the time of vaccinations and tests at school. The management faces a lack of staff. There have been several employee exits and numerous difficulties in hiring employees, not to mention the retirements expected in the next few years. He also mentions a problem of premises that are no longer up to the task of carrying out vaccinations and carrying out the new missions of the pharmacies.

The pharmacists assure that they plan to launch a medicine delivery service for people who cannot travel and that the merger of the two pharmacies will ensure longer hours since the Vézère pharmacy will be open from 8:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. hours.

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