The “cobweb” or that practice that allows us to order our toxic relationships and get rid of them forever

As the seasons change, our morale is turned upside down, so don’t dwell on negative people! As winter approaches, we adopt this new practice called cobweb, which literally means “spider web.” It consists of getting rid of all those toxic, harmful or malicious relationships in order to move forward correctly in our lives, with or without a new person. They can be both romantic and friendly relationships. Caroline West, a sex and relationship expert at Bumble (a dating app where women start dating), refers to the technique as a “ active cleansing of our past environment “.” You can then move on feeling more empowered, more confident, and more open to meeting someone new. “, develops. While this is easier said than done, there are some keys to getting it right.

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How do you remove toxic people from your life?

Letting people out of your life can be a more difficult task than expected… Even if they no longer have, or at least very little, the positive impact on your life, it is sometimes difficult to let them go or get rid of them. we do it of our own free will. ” Holding on to past relationships, whether it’s phone numbers, messages, or even an old t-shirt, can keep you from dating because you’re not mentally focused on the present. adds Caroline West. Ness Cooper, sexologist and therapist interviewed by Metro, needs to take stock of toxic relationships and those that are absolutely necessary to separate. The e-health clinic considers a relationship to be toxic” from the moment it keeps one and/or the other of the spouses in a state of suffering that finds no solution in the relationship itself, through exchange and mutual adjustments “.

In this case, it is absolutely essential to get rid of it while you still can. To do this, take stock with yourself to start a “mourning phase”, essential for then ” go forward “. It can be different depending on the person, particularly in terms of duration, pain, but also the way of doing it. Once this is done, you can take more time for yourself in order to establish new goals and new expectations for your next relationships. (friends or love) and thus not fall into the trap of toxicity anymore.As a spring cleaning version of toxic relationships, you will be able to meet new people more easily, without being haunted by these ghosts of the past.

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