the couple replicates the “matching suit” fashion trend

Coralie Barbier and Stromae were present at the Thom Browne fashion show at Paris Fashion Week on October 3, 2022. To present his spring summer 2023 women’s collection, the designer reinvented the history of Cinderella. For the occasion, holding hands, the couple had chosen to combine their outfits. Like many celebrity duos, the two lovebirds succumbed to the “matching suit” creating similarities in clothing.

Both had opted for a set of jacket and skirt. collegiate style. Short skirt for the lady, and long for the gentleman. While Coralie Barbier chose navy blue, Stromae opted for grey. The two lovers each wore a tie, a big trend this season.

The collegiate look of Stromae and Coralie Barbier

The couple seemed to be making a comeback in these outfits. The beautiful stylist wore her outfit very well, which she combined with large stockings and heels. Coralie Barbier knows how to put it on nice legs. Meanwhile, Stromae had worn pants under her skirt and opted for laced black ankle boots over his gray socks.

Guests at the Thom Browne show, Stromae and his wife Coralie Barbier made a splash wearing the designer’s pieces. This amazing look was confusing. the genders. The couple was sitting in the front row of the parade, next to Jaden Smith or Janet Jackson. They had all changed into their American brand school uniforms.

Coralie Barbier, Stromae stylist since the beginning of her career

Everything leads us to think that it was Coralie Barbier who suggested this look and this “matching suit” to her partner! In fact, the young woman from Belgium works together with Stromae as personal stylist since the beginning of his career. It is his wife who is at the origin of the artist’s extraordinary style. The couple married on December 12, 2015, five years after the song’s release. then we dance that boosted the singer’s career!

With his wife as his stylist, Stromae is used to outfits that out of the ordinary. The artist then did not hesitate to combine her three-piece suit with a skirt. An avant-garde style that leaves big doors open to change for men’s fashion. We would not be surprised if the Belgian couple is a precursor to these new trends.

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Stromae and his wife Coralie Barbier have a son

The Belgian couple gave birth to their first child in September 2018. According to Here it is, Coralie Barbier and Stromae would have met during an evening of a mutual friend. First it was a professional love at first sight between the two fashion enthusiasts. A collaboration that quickly became a love story, and this, since 2012.

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