The drama of Aime Jacquet

As Didier Deschamps prepares to reveal his World Cup roster in Qatar, the exercise was painful for Aimé Jacquet in 1998.

Inducted into the pantheon of French football on July 12, 1998, Aimé Jacquet did not entirely surrender to the euphoria as he celebrated the biggest victory in Blues history. Before millions of spectators, the tricolor coach does not hesitate to attack those who criticized him harshly before the World Cup. ” A certain press lied shamefully. I will never forgive them. I have nothing but contempt for these people.”launches with particular reference to journalists from The team, Qualified as “thugs, irresponsible, dishonest and incompetent” and holders of “monopoly of imbecility”.

The reason for his anger? the of L’Equipe “And we play at 13? » the day after the 28-player announcement, the leading sports daily drives home the point by calling it a “Good Guy” in your editorial. And this after stating that the former coach of Bordeaux “He wasn’t the man for the job.” But this choice to retain 28 players instead of the 22 planned before eliminating six on the eve of the march to Morocco, where the Blues will have to play their last warm-up games, has caused other victims: the six players who stayed in the quai, Lionel Letizi, Pierre Laigle, Martin Djetou, Ibrahim Ba, Sabri Lamouchi and Nicolas Anelka.

I felt like my guts had been ripped out

The six men will have a hard time digesting this sequence and will blame the coach for it. “He hadn’t found the right words, he was someone who had a heart and didn’t want to hurt us, (but) Lamouchi took him back and asked for an explanation.” he told Martin Djetou. “He wanted us not to leave France, that we follow a program in case of any problem, but nobody accepted. »

Without a doubt, Sabri Lamouchi had been the most vehement against Aimé Jacquet.Not having played in the 1998 World Cup. It was cruel… I felt like my guts had been ripped out », I still remembered last spring. “I felt like a boxer trapped by a heavyweight in the corner of the ring. I was knocked out, held by the ropes with an opponent who keeps punching, punching, and punching some more. », explained in the book the night of the damnedby Karim Nadjeri.

Lionel Letizi, whose France national team career had doubtless been changed a few months earlier in Russia by a crude dumpling, was similarly affected. The doorman was so pale as he left Clairefontaine that a concerned Henri Émile had asked the Blues security guard from the national police protection group (GPPN) to make the trip with Lorraine’s doorman to Metz. “I arrived, I cooked. I opened the door and found myself in front of the alarm box. I can’t remember the code. The bell rang in the middle of the night, waking up the entire neighborhood.” he said.

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