The embarrassing Republican candidate in Georgia, a key state for the midterm elections

What are the chances of political survival for a man locked in his own lies? The next majority in the US Senate could depend on this question. With the November 8 midterm elections approaching, which promises to be indecisive, attention is focused on a key matchup in Georgia: that of the Reverend Raphael Warnock, the Democratic incumbent-elect, and Republican Herschel Walker.

The latter, supported by Donald Trump, who is even pleased to have put forward his candidacy, is at the center of a media storm of rare vigor. The former football star, Herschel Walker, mocked by his ignorance and the poverty of his oral expression, hesitates on a sensitive issue for his party, the one that massively mobilizes the Democrats: abortion.

clumsy defense

On October 3, the site the daily beast revealed that the Republican candidate, a supporter of a total ban on the voluntary interruption of pregnancy, without exception for incest or rape, had financed the abortion of a young woman in 2009. The latter gave the site a contemporary bank receipt for a check signed by Herschel Walker, a recovery card also with your signature and the invoice from the clinic. In response to the article, the former football player announced his intention to file a complaint, citing a “complete lie”. Asked by the Fox News antenna, Herschel Walker clumsily defended himself about the check. “I send money to a lot of people”he has said.

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The personal pains of the 60-year-old ex-athlete have not ceased to embarrass him since his very clear victory in the Republican primaries. Herschel Walker’s ex-wife, Cindy Grossman, had already denounced his violent behavior in the past. One day, she allegedly held a gun to her head, promising “blow your brains out”in his words. “You know, whoever has not sinned, cast the first stone at me”the candidate reacted in a television interview, affirming that he believed in the “redemption”.

In June, the press revealed that Herschel Walker had two children out of wedlock, whom he never cared for. Purely private matter? Not really. On several occasions, during the electoral campaign, the former soccer player welcomed the positive relationship he had with his son Christian, 22, while lashing out at the absence of parents, particularly in the homes of the black community.

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