The game invaded the municipal library of Châtenoy le Royal the week of September 26 to October 1.

Just over a week of games in the library to the delight of young and old.

The demand was so great that from Thursday 22 the children of CP/CE1 of the Rostand school gathered at the library from 2:00 p.m. for a game session, then it was the practice turn of the students of CE2 of the Cruzille school the various games offered by the facilitators of the library.

Virginie joined the library on September 1, 2022 to help Pascale, animator, specializing in games. Virginie, the children know her well as she works in the school canteen and after school. She is training to be able to become a game cheerleader so she can help Pascale with activities related to the game, among other things.

A multitude of games were available for adults on Tuesday afternoon, September 27. Vincent Bergeret, Mayor of Châtenoy, came to see the games offered by the library animators and at the same time greet the participants in this fun afternoon. Games, there were them in all their forms, from the simple board game to the most complex, including wooden games or interactive games, some of which were borrowed from the departmental library.

From CP to CM2, all the classes of the three primary schools had the opportunity to take advantage of this week of games, twenty adults and a good number of children on Wednesdays with free access. A very busy week for the facilitators but a real treat with this great turnout.

The interactive game was played alone or in pairs using a tablet and headphones to follow the instructions to solve the puzzle. Like the CM2 students from Berlioz on Thursday morning and from Rostand on Thursday afternoon who took over the library.

Aline Serain, head of the library, welcomed them with a short presentation of the library. Next, the students, divided into several groups, reviewed the different games prepared by Aline, Pascale and Virginie respectively. The interactive game the court of tales gave rise to several possible paths to solve the riddle (the answer is a well-kept secret).

For Berlioz, the first to find the solution were 10-year-old Rany, 9-year-old Lucas,

Anne-Sophie, 11 years old, and Camille, 10 years old.

For Rostand, the first ones who have found the solution are Tim, 10 1/2 years old, Timéo, 10 ½ years old.

The CE1, meanwhile, enjoyed a reading of Aline on the Wolf that went around the world, a story that served as the basis for games, games associated with the wolf.

This week of games was also marked by a games evening entitled And if we played together…, an evening that brought together more than 90 people in the library, enough to keep the three hosts busy. People came as a family to spend a fun and rewarding evening both through encounters and through intellectual knowledge.

Just a little reminder about the free admission library attendance this summer with 150 people a day, which means games released every day to the delight of fans.

The library is a real place of life and exchange, there you can find all the wealth of books and the toy library part is a real plus for residents of all ages.

Photo Credit: Pascale Michaud/Christian Cleaux

C. Cleaux

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