the government wants to encourage operators to put internet boxes on hold

The executive presents this Thursday his great sobriety plan with a digital component to always save a little more energy.

Putting the internet boxes on hold is obviously one of the challenges for the government, which presents its great sobriety plan this Thursday. Thus, in the executive’s press kit, the issue of boxes and decoders is part of the new measures.

“The players in the sector will define the criteria for the installation of internet boxes and standby TV decoders when they are not in use,” the text explains.

This is often the case for TV set-top boxes, which go into standby mode automatically, but not necessarily for internet boxes. For example, it may be appropriate to turn Wi-Fi off at night.

Contacted by Tech&Co, the office of the Delegate Minister for Digital confirms that the idea is to ensure that the internet boxes of all operators can be put to sleep. For example, by allowing users to schedule a box and Wi-Fi shutdown at a specific time interval.

Another possibility is to plan a time slot in which the box turns off if it does not detect any device connected to Wi-Fi.

On the TV decoder side, the idea is to make it turn off at the same time as the television (in the Apple TV model) and not after a certain time of inactivity as usual.

Main criterion for quick use: not dependent on hardware but on a simple software update.

A modest economy?

The issue of the internet box is not new. In July, the government spokesman, Olivier Véran, proposed as a daily gesture “disconnect the Wi-Fi” before going out for the weekend or on vacation.

According to Ademe, an Internet box consumes an average of 97 kWh/year, or 2% of the total electricity consumption of a French household (as much as a washing machine). That’s almost twice as much as a TV.

By turning off Wi-Fi every weekend and during five weeks of vacation, you would save an average of 37 kWh/year, or 0.8% of your annual electricity consumption.

On the other hand, it is more interesting in general: in a recent note, Arcep estimated that, “used a few hours a day on average, Internet boxes that are permanently on have a consumption in Europe equivalent to the production of two or three Nuclear reactors”.

Thomas LeRoy BFM Business Journalist

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