The jewels of Paris – Messika in the big leagues

againstHow to gain a foothold among the giants of the sector? Being yourself. This is at least the lesson we draw from the speeches initiated by the Parisian Messika house -and family- in recent years. First there is Andre. he is the father The founder of this saga. An absolute star in the discreet world of diamond dealers, where he is a virtuous trader. His love for diamonds, which spans more than fifty years, began in adolescence: some stone diggers in the Place Vendôme recall a very young man who came to offer his stones with a refreshing aplomb. His name is now cited as an example by large luxury groups: the Boucheron house, in its Impact report, pays tribute to the excellence of its manufacturing in Namibia, which places great emphasis on workers with disabilities.

There’s the girl, then: Valérie founded the Messika jewelry house in 2005, now run by her partner Jean-Baptiste Sassine. Seventeen years of activity, therefore, that have been characterized by the constancy of a vision in which the spontaneity of a rebellious spirit has somehow become a trademark. This firm flourishes in jewels that were obviously not designed for a special occasion (weddings, engagements), but simply for fun. The almost total absence of supply bridal inside a jeweler who has made diamond his favorite stone remains a textbook case in itself. “When I started this adventure, I didn’t ask myself a thousand questions. My creative desire was not born from a marketing audit, from extensive studies on the jewelry industry, but from the deep desire to make jewelry that spoke to me. I felt that I could propose another way of writing jewelry, freer, more expressive, in tune with the times. »

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Other jewelry writing.

This piece of writing proved its relevance at the end of September, during the Paris fashion week dedicated to the spring-summer 2023 women’s ready-to-wear collections. The house organized, for the second time, a parade that presented unique pieces of high jeweler’s. An unprecedented exercise both from the point of view of the form and the calendar (high jewelery is usually unveiled during Haute Couture Week, at the beginning of July). On the second floor of a building located at 9me district, huge digital screens, acting as a backdrop, stretched out in front of disused walls. André Messika welcomed the guests: fashion editors, celebrities, influencers, clients, who came in droves. The parade begins as Gigi Hadid takes her place between Emily Ratajkowski and Valérie Messika, installed alongside Carla Bruni.

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In front of this star-studded front row, 29 models showcase creations that illuminate sporty silhouettes with a tan. The diamonds surround the waist, the arm, the forehead, draw lace, guipure, tassels, radiate the navels, rehabilitate the piercing, on the ears, on the lips, on the nose, cast fiery reflections. The styling, which favors streetwear outfits, with the Adidas logo, completes the exaltation of the modernity of these jewels with their light architecture in the midst of a profusion of gold and light. An icon of the house, the Move motif, which encloses moving diamonds, recalls the versatility of its lines on glittering decorations with reflections of live embers.

The only boy in this prestigious cabin, Alton Mason, makes a strong impression by revealing a breastplate, laden with hard stones, that shines with luminous contrast on his ebony skin. Closing the show, Naomi Campbell gracefully wears the centerpiece of the collection: the Akh-Ba-Ka necklace, inspired by ancient Egypt and crowned by a 33-carat cushion-cut diamond from a 110-carat rough discovered in the Lucara mine. , Botswana. It was Ilan, Valérie’s younger brother, who acquired this exceptional stone before the first birth. The 28-year-old, who specializes in buying rough, mined 15 gems, cut by 5 Tel Aviv experts. This family of stones, in its entirety, illuminates the necklace, which alone features 2,550 diamonds, for a total of 71.49 carats. The great jewelry houses that survived the previous century are those that, without exception, have cultivated a family spirit over several generations. The Messika saga is on its way to becoming an odyssey.

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