The messy bob, the trendy cut of the moment

Looking for this season’s cut for a big hair makeover? the messy bob will surely seduce you. If your ends need a little freshness, you might as well take the opportunity to adopt this season’s most desirable cut.

What is the messy bob?

The messy bob is a short square that plays with the disheveled hairstyle-style (hence its name) and with the masculine-feminine style that we see everywhere at the moment, especially with the youth trend. It reaches below the ears, just below the chin, and is characterized by a blurred and messy effect. It is inspired by the trend of messy hair, and the natural style found in particular with the messy bun trend. It is a cut that enhances natural hair and adds charm to any cut!

Why do we like the messy bob?

because the short squareIt is the fashion cut. A timeless one that we never get tired of, that reveals the nape of the neck, enhances the features of the face and provides a minimalist touch to our looks. It is a haircut that suits all face shapes but also all hair textures. So if you want to change your look and a new challenge, this is the bold hairstyle to try!

And if you’re tired of spending an hour doing your hair in the bathroom every morning, then this haircut is for you! With its faux shaggy look, you don’t need to straighten or brush your hair, on the contrary, it only takes a few minutes to style. In short, the messy bob has it all!

How to adopt the messy bob?

For styling the messy bob, nothing is easier. You will need a brush, hairspray, and optionally a volumizing spray.

  • Start by styling your hair as usual.
  • Apply a stroke of volumizing spray in the hair
  • Tilt your head down to bring your hair forward.
  • Apply a layer of hairspray
  • Throw your head back and all is well!

For a little more definition, you can curl a few strands here and there, or crepe a few on top for a surefire maximum volume effect.

So, ready to embrace the messy bob trend?

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