The Moon would have formed in just a few hours, according to this study

SPACE – What if the Moon had formed in a few hours, and not in several years, contrary to what we thought until now? This is the hypothesis proposed by a study published this Tuesday, October 4, in the journal astrophysical journal letters. The origins of Earth’s natural satellite are full of mysteries, and this new research is shaking up the scientific world. as you can see in the video at the top of the article.

Why is classical theory divisive?

Theories about the origins of the Moon agree that it was formed during a collision between Theia, a planet the size of Mars, and our planet, about 4.5 billion years ago. Where this new hypothesis diverges from previous ones is in how this debris came together to form the satellite we can observe today.

The most commonly accepted theory is that the Moon formed from the debris of this collision, merging in orbit over months or years. But this scenario does not correspond to the composition of the lunar rocks recovered during the Apollo missions. These should be mainly composed of debris from Theia, but the analyzes carried out show a composition similar to that of Earth.

A new revolutionary theory?

For researchers from NASA and the University of Durham (United Kingdom), behind this new work, there is no doubt: the composition of the Moon shows that it was formed immediately, in a few hours, when the debris from the Earth and Theia were pulverized into space. after impact. The simulations carried out based on this hypothesis give a composition with 60% of material from the Earth, compared to only 30% of the classical theory.

But for this theory to be confirmed, other lunar samples will be needed. This is also one of the goals of future NASA Artemis missions, whose first flight (many times postponed) is scheduled between November 12 and 27.

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