The most unusual objects discovered in the human body.

Radiology enables the identification and analysis of a wide range of injuries and diseases… or objects

November 8 marks the International Radiology Day. The opportunity to x-ray images taken in medical emergency services. Some are amazing.

To highlight the role of imaging in modern medicine, an international day is dedicated to radiology on November 8. A date chosen to pay tribute to the German physicist Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen who discovered the existence of X-rays in 1895. He was awarded the first Nobel Prize in Physics in 1901 thanks to his discovery. Since then, the practice has become more popular and has become a powerful tool in diagnosing injuries and illnesses. But sometimes the imagery also reveals some surprises. Evidence in images.

A 10 cm nail

A patient who had been suffering from “pain in the palate” for 6 days ended up going to his dentist. The X-ray showed that he had a 10cm nail in his skull, says Sophie-Hélène Zaimi, a radiology intern known as “The French Radiologist” on social media. She was apparently headstrong as she got away with it without brain damage.

A 2kg dumbbell.

A 54-year-old Brazilian man complaining of intestinal pain and constipation presented to the Manaus hospital. If he did not give an explanation as to the cause of his illness, an X-ray revealed that a 2 kg, 20 cm long dumbbell was lodged between his colon and rectum. The doctors describing this clinical case in the May 2022 International Journal of Surgery Case Reports explain that they had to remove the object by hand and that the man, who had waited 2 days before going to the hospital, is doing well.

X-ray of a dumbbell

x-ray of a dumbbell

A shell of the Second World War

A patient went to Gloucestershire Royal Hospital in the west of England in December 2021 with a World War II shell lodged in his rectum. Fearing that the object might explode, police and army deminers rushed to the scene. Fortunately, the object was not loaded. The man explained to doctors that he “slipped and fell” on the 17-by-6-centimeter artillery shell while cleaning out his collection of military memorabilia, The Sun reports.

The shell of World War II

WWII shell

An aubergine of 20 cm.

A 66-year-old Japanese man also had to consult urgently. The cause ? He couldn’t get a 20 cm eggplant stuck in his anus. This case was documented in April 2018 in the journal Case Reports in Gastroenterology. Doctors were able to dislodge the object using a polypectomy loop, without injuring the patient, who showed no signs of bleeding or intestinal perforation. In April 2017, a Chinese man in his fifties broke the record with a 30 cm eggplant.

eggplant x-ray

eggplant x-ray

Bottles, telephones, toothbrushes… Many unusual objects are detected by radiologists every year. The Royal Wolverhampton Hospitals NHS Trust in the UK has done its math. Between 2010 and 2019, doctors at the hospital removed no fewer than 3,500 unusual objects from the rectum. In 85% of the cases, the patients were men. The authors of the article published in the Annals of the Royal College of Surgeons of England believe that the trend continues to worsen, probably due to pornography. While many stories end well for patients, not all of them do. In 2014, a British man who spent five days with a vibrator stuck in his anus died of septic shock, reports the Daily Mail. Hence the importance of rushing to the emergency room.

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