The Nobel Prize in Chemistry awarded to two Americans and one Dane, researcher Barry Sharpless awarded for the second time

The discoveries of Americans Carolyn Bertozzi and Barry Sharpless and Dane Morten Meldal gave rise to “click” and “bio-orthogonal” chemistry, two areas of modern chemistry.

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The 2022 Nobel Prize in Chemistry was awarded, on Wednesday, October 5, to the Americans Carolyn Bertozzi and Barry Sharpless and the Dane Morten Meldal for their work on “click” and “bio-orthogonal” chemistry.announced the Nobel Committee in Stockholm (Sweden).

Barry Sharpless, 81, is only the fifth person to win a Nobel twice. He had already won the prize for chemistry in 2001 for his discoveries on the technique of asymmetric catalysis.

The American researcher, based in California, and the Dane Morten Meldal, 58, from the University of Copenhagen, are crowned for their pioneering work on “click chemistry”, a new way of combining molecules. This is used in particular to develop pharmaceutical treatments, map DNA or create new materials.

American Carolyn Bertozzi, 55, is celebrated for the invention of bioorthogonal chemistry, a chemical reaction described as capable of being initiated in a living organism, but without disturbing or changing its chemical nature.

The German Benjamin List and the British David Macmillan were awarded in 2021 for having invented a new type of catalyst to manufacture new molecules, at a lower cost and in a cleaner way. In 2020, the French Emmanuelle Charpentier and the American Jennifer Doudna were awarded for “molecular scissors”.

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