the prefecture takes legal action after the “sabotage” of a motorcycle race

The arrows of the course of theLimousin Duo were voluntarily modified on Saturday. The race was stopped around 7 pm for safety, as some participants were injured or lost in the woods.

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The Creuse prefecture arrested the Guéret public prosecutor after the “sabotage” of a motorcycle race in the department on Saturday, November 5, announced in a press release on Monday, November 7. An investigation will automatically be opened to “turn on the light” about the events that caused several injuries, says France Bleu Creuse.

Prefect Virginie Darpheuille “unqualified condemnation” to them “incidents that have spoiled” the En’duo Limousin race. “They are unacceptable because they could have had dramatic human consequences, and the people who a priori voluntarily modified the signage of the route could not ignore that they were putting the participants in danger”She believes.

The prefect wants to remind you that the race route has been carried out “in consultation and transparency with all stakeholders for several months” and that the organizers knew “adjust” the route according to requests, in particular from the National Forestry Office and the French Biodiversity Office. She also points out that“No appeal has been received” the decree of the prefecture that authorizes the event.

The organizers of the En’duo Limousin race denounce a “sabotage” because the course marking was changed, arrows were removed or returned, which confused the 430 participants. The cyclists got lost, some were found 30 km from the finish line. The race was stopped around 7pm for security, the last entrant being picked up five hours later, in the middle of the night. Two suffered minor injuries and several were found hypothermic.

On Saturday, about twenty environmentalists mobilized to block the passage of the race at the height of Gentioux, so that the motorcycles did not pass through the Natura 2000 area, but they assured that they had nothing to do with the modification of the crush.

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