the slow fragmentation of the Catholic Church

the slow fragmentation of the Catholic Church

Jean-Marie Guenois. The Figaro

EXCLUSIVE LETTER SUBSCRIBERS – Religions, secularism, spirituality, by Jean-Marie Guénois.

Dear readers, dear readers,

Very happy to see you again after this summer. I hope it has been good and relaxing for you. We are starting a new season of our exclusive “Only God Knows” menu and I am grateful for your loyalty and patience.

I try, a little out of time, to free myself from the immediate conditioning of the hot news to share with you. which seems to me stable, notable, decisive in the medium term.

With this dose -and responsibility- typical of this profession, which would be a form of “presumption” in the first sense of Larousse. A meaning that is not negative. These are analyzes and judgments based not on absolute proof but on clues, observations, hypotheses, probability. Together with the true and tangible facts, this forms the daily material of journalism.

C’est aussi l’esprit de cette lettre: approcher les réalités complexes et délicates des domaines de la religion, de la spiritualité, de laïcité, pour les saisir autant que possible, formalizar les avec des mots, en vue de nourrir nore réflexion Common. At a deliberately slow pace to let things settle. For the urgent and the daily you can, if you want, consult my articles in The Figaroprinted or published on the Internet.

This deepening imposes humility, I dare say, in the face of realities that are beyond us, but also a strong rational demand. And above all the freedom to say things in cultural universes where the word is often closed with a padlock. Freedom could also be the salt of this letter, its keyword.

What to remember in this fall of 2022?

I was lucky at the end of August, then in September, to go twice to Rome, a city that I know very well because I lived there for ten years and I go very regularly. It was about covering two events: the creation of new cardinals and an exceptional meeting of the Senate of the Church requested by the Pope on the reform of the Roman Curia; Francis’ trip to Kazakhstan, which I followed on the papal plane.

After these “Covid” years marked by distance, screens, virtual appearance, nothing can replace the quality of these conversations in the shadow of the “trattorias” that surround Vatican City where we know, however, that even the walls have ears…

In fact, there is a paradoxical Vatican tradition: it is forbidden for those who know to speak of the “secrets of the Palace”, it is possible that they say a lot, with good intelligence, when trust is established and is never betrayed.

A legendary “500” in the no less legendary Trastevere in Rome Nicola Forenza /

From these two stays, I confirm the “end of reign” atmosphere that I described last spring, which I will not go into in detail in this letter. Otherwise to take into account a form of feverishness and willfulness, never before observed at this point in more than three decades of Roman journalistic experience. François’s lieutenants are very nervous about the implementation of the reform. They are often more realistic than the king.

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