the solution to combat traffic jams?

How to fight traffic congestion in cities? This is the question that several start-ups and cities around the world are trying to answer. Currently, artificial intelligence seems to be the most promising solution for greater road mobility.

The objective is to improve traffic control, especially in highly populated cities. The development of a country largely depends on traffic management. If the traffic is fluid, the various actors, including the economic ones, can be more efficient. On the contrary, traffic jams increase significantly Expenses. However, there is often congestion during peak hours, especially in large cities. One of the main problems it’s in the traffic lights They do not have the ability to adapt. it is there that artificial intelligence (AI) and the internet of things (IoT) come into play.

The evolution of traffic lights

For a long time, roads have allowed human beings to increase their mobility. Unfortunately, the people who borrow them are more and more numerous, causing traffic jams. Furthermore, traffic does not only concern vehicles. Indeed, pedestrians and cyclists are also involved in this circulation problem.

While vehicles have evolved over the last hundred years, traffic control is struggling to keep up. the first electric traffic light born in 1914 in the Cleveland area. At that time, it only had two colors: red and green. the color yellow or orange only appearedin 1920. Its purpose is to give drivers a moment to stop. This addition has thus made it possible to promote safety on the road.

Subsequently, the signal fire They have received a timer. Of course, this innovation eliminated the work of multiple agents. However, New York City has managed to reallocate most of its 6,000 traffic officers. Not to mention that this innovation has allowed the city to save $12 million Americans in the 1920s.

signal fire

in 1964the world sees the birth of computer controlled traffic lights. It was the city of Toronto that took the initiative to adopt it first. The advantages of this technology have helped fuel the development of various countries.

Unfortunately, this computerized traffic signal has a limit. The latter manifests itself, among other things, at times when the the road is almost deserted. Indeed, the lights keep turning red although there is only one car driving.

In fact, the road traffic management has not really taken advantage of technological advances. Fortunately, this will soon change thanks to the development of technologies that allow smart signs in the villages

NoTraffic harnesses artificial intelligence and the IoT

Among these companies are Without traffic Who an Israeli start-up. As its name indicates, its purpose is to improve traffic control. According to the magazine Weathershe would be among the 100 most influential companies of this year 2022.

To achieve its goal, NoTraffic essentially uses theartificial intelligence and of theInternet of Things. Specifically, the company has created a platform that uses IoT sensors to categorize road users.

With sensor data, NoTraffic’s AI categorizes them. Pedestrian, cyclist, motorcyclist, and automobile are examples of categories. Of course, public transport, emergency vehicle and heavy vehicle they also have their place. With this technology, vehicles “connected” they are a plus, because they can be integrated directly into the platform.

artificial intelligence

“IoT devices process all data in real time using AI algorithms, with the end result of increasing travel safety and efficiency. »

Tal Kreisler, Co-Founder and CEO of NoTraffic

Mr. Kreisler added that the system his company uses make decisions in real time. To work you don’t have without the need for human assistance. Although, officials can impose a priority on it. In this way, three-color light signals can favor a particular class, such as emergency vehicles or pedestrians.

Furthermore, if confidentiality is extremely important in the digital age, NoTraffic ensures that it is aware of it. apparently the The cameras do not collect any personal information.. Specifically, the system does not perform facial recognition or license plate identification.

Also, the system integrates easily existing traffic lights. Simply install it in your control cabinets. From there, NoTraffic’s technology performs calculations, based on the data it receives, to manage traffic. Secondly, systems at each intersection share information receive to get a better overview. This allows the technology to have a greater adaptability.

Traffic21, artificial intelligence is not enough

traffic21 it’s a Investigation Group in the transport that is based at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh. Like NoTraffic, it has developed technology that works with artificial intelligence to reduce traffic jams. The baptized group his system “Sutrac” to design Scalable Urban Traffic Control.

A bottling

It should be noted that efficiency is not the only criterion to take into account in this new market. Accessibility and ease of installation of the system. in a city are equally important criteria. Otherwise, a business cannot grow due to competition.

Therefore, the group developed a relatively affordable technology. Your system is not only Easy to put in placebut also easy to maintain. In addition, Surtrak exploit the devices already present in the cities, like the cameras of the lampposts, to collect data.

According to Popular Science journalist Peter Simek, 22 cities are already taking advantage of the solution offered by Traffic21. Among them are Atlanta and many New England cities. Furthermore, Surtrac can be integrated into traffic light control cabinets. Thanks to the data it receives from the city’s cameras, the system can make decisions in real time. Thus, Surtrac can adjust the traffic lights according to the traffic in the city.

In this way, Surtrac managed significantly reduce traffic jams as well as waiting times. Unfortunately, the system has there are still gaps. Although its intelligent traffic management is very effective, it is detrimental to pedestrians and cyclists.


Specifically, the toolsused to collect information, favor motorized means of transport. Cameras that automatically identify vehicles are the main cause. Consequently, cyclists and pedestrians is it so forced to wait more at intersections.

To fix this problem, Traffic21 is working on reprogramming the analysis tools. The goal is that they also take into account pedestrians and cyclists. In addition, the group also has exploit the data that mobile applications Y bike gps provide. Similarly, information from vehicles, such as connected cars, will also be used to improve mobility, especially in urban areas. In fact, Traffic21 has reap the benefits of digital Y the internet of things to be more efficient.

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One more scourge that Artificial Intelligence could solve

the traffic congestion is a scourge, not only for the drivers, but also for the country itself. At the country level, they negatively impact the economy, health of the population, as well as the environment.

Excessive fuel consumption is one of the many consequences of traffic jams. Thus, traffic jams generate more fuel costs and more pollution for its combustion.

A monstrous traffic jam that generates pollution

In 2019, it was estimated thatan average resident of the United Kingdom lost about 115 hours a year in traffic jams. Added to this was an annual loss of 894 pounds (about 1,000 euros), mainly due to wasted fuel.

In California, A study guide him, I led him, took the red land village showed that the NoTraffic platform could cut congestion in half at an intersection. Smart traffic management avoid Similary the emission of 33 tons of carbon dioxide. Not to mention the time and energy each person can save.

Of course, the results vary depending on the city and the technologies implemented. Also, artificial intelligence It is certainly not the miracle method to eradicate traffic jams. However, it allows significantly reduce traffic density.

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