The Stade Piscénois must raise its level of play

The violets welcome Millau for a game that doesn’t look easy.

For the resumption after a week of rest and the attack of the second block, the Stade piscénois receives SO Millau, this Sunday October 9, at 3:00 p.m., at the municipal sports center. This match against Aveyronnais will be a new big challenge for the Stadistes. Examining the results of the first block, we see that the level goes up a bit. The Millavois dominated the Étoile Sportive Catalane (20-13) and have just beaten Saint-Sulpice-la-Pointe (27-6) by scoring four tries and taking the offensive bonus. Three of those four attempts were by pack players in group penetrating.

“It’s a new weapon at your disposal at an already wide range”warns the neo-Piscénois and ex-Millavois Mathieu Castellarin. With his friends Gwendal Guionnet and Juan Ochoa he joined the Stadium out of season, but if they have already worn the purple tunic, he is a pure Aveyronnais. As soon as he arrived in Pézenas, he went to work. He had to adapt to his new club. He did it quickly. Mathieu Castellarin is already ready as he shows, Sunday after Sunday, whether on the flank or behind. An explosive, mobile and tough player with the man, a good ball player and a great defender, who rushes in on the few infringements conceded by opposing defenses, he has that ability to make those precious game-changing meters. He is an item appreciated by the entire group.

Knowing his former club well, he warns: “First we will have to respond present in the fight. Given their well-oiled collective and their individualities, our priority will be to achieve a complete game. We will have to prevent the continuity of their game and above all give a big blow to the candies”. “On defense. I know we can do it and I’m confident.”

Indeed, the Stadistes will have to be wary of players of the quality of ex-Montpellier Perraux or central defender Fekitoa, not forgetting his former teammate Clément Calvi.

In the opening game, at 1:30 p.m., Team II will have to exert constant pressure on the rival. Millavois widely beat the Catalans (48-16) and Tarnais (46-20).

East saturday october 8the cadets (14:00) and the juniors (15:30) go to Toreille to face Salanque Côte Radieuse.

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