The Sweden Democrats, a nationalist party with fascist roots

Was it in the spring of 1995? Or, a few months earlier, in the fall of 1994? Even today, Jimmie Akesson, leader of the Swedish extreme right, who came second in the general elections on September 11 and an indispensable supporter of the future government, maintains that he joined the Sweden Democrats (Sverigedemokraterna, SD) after the arrival of former centrist Mikael Jansson at its head in March 1995.

However, according to documents uncovered by the anti-racist magazine Exhibition, the young Jimmie Akesson, 15 years old, would have contacted the SD as early as 1994, several months earlier. At the time, the formation, born in 1988, was still led by Anders Klarström, one of its founding members, who had campaigned within the Nordic Reich Party, a small neo-Nazi group. During their rallies, we were met with brown shirts, activists giving Nazi salutes, and security provided by skinheads.

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It is with this cumbersome past that Jimmie Akesson, 43, would not want to be associated, he claims, in his autobiography. Satis Polito, published in 2013 (untranslated), who was drawn to the “political potential” of the party and not “by Nazis and skinheads.” “I was a nationalist, and the Sweden Democrats had succeeded, despite their failings, in formulating a fundamentally healthy, democratic and universal nationalism, the foundations of which I largely shared”confess.

Multiculturalism, a threat

For journalist Anna-Lena Lodenius, who has followed the game since its inception, no matter when Jimmie Akesson joined SD: “The fact is that he and some of those who currently lead the party decided to join at that time because they shared their ideas and these have not fundamentally changed. »

In November 2020, Mattias Karlsson, the ideologue of the Sweden Democrats, also praised the first political program of the SD, which dates back to 1989. The Scandinavian kingdom’s migration policy is described there as “suicide”. At the moment, we are not yet talking about a “great replacement”, but the idea is there. Multiculturalism is presented as a threat: “We believe that an ethnically and culturally homogeneous nation has greater potential for peaceful and democratic development than the formation of a multicultural and heterogeneous state”, indicates the document.

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We are, therefore, far from the discourse sustained by the populist right-wing formations that emerged during the previous decade in the other Nordic countries, as a reaction to taxation considered too high. For these parties, the rejection of immigration is not yet a main issue. In Sweden, the Ny Demokrati formation, founded in 1991, will try to capture this discontent. But, after a term in Parliament, he will disappear from the political scene.

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