The Tesla Model Y is already at the top of world sales

In August 2022, electric car sales accounted for 11% of the global market. A record, while electric vehicles reach 15%.

The progression of electric cars and plug-in hybrids was impressive in August 2022. Zero emissions grew by 66% compared to August 2021, while plug-in hybrids grew by 47%.

For the latter, China is the fastest growing market and made up the majority of the 847,000 PHEVs sold. Classic hybrids did not lose out either, as electrified but non-rechargeable vehicles grew by 6%.

Tesla Model Y in the lead, BYD leads among manufacturers

During the same month of August, the Tesla Model Y outsold any other electric vehicle. Elon Musk’s firm sold 64,780 electric SUVs worldwide during the second month of summer.

The Model Y is ahead of three Chinese cars, with BYD Song Plus and Qin Plus in second and third place. However, these two models reach the podium thanks to the combination of the electric and rechargeable hybrid versions.

The next vehicle in this ranking is the Wuling HongGuang Mini EV, the Chinese urban car that confirms the expected success. The Middle Kingdom city car has sold 33,877 copies, so far only in its own market.

The Tesla Model 3 is fifth in this ranking, and therefore third in the 100% electric ranking. The American electric sedan found 31,529 new owners during the summer month.

A similar result at the beginning of the year

August’s results are in line with those at the beginning of the year. In fact, the Tesla Model Y is also the best-selling electric car in the world between January and August 2022.

Tesla has sold 409,378 units of its newest model so far this year. The Wuling HongGuang Mini EV is also keeping up a very good pace with 278,838 sales in eight months.

The Tesla Model 3 is on the annual world podium with 268,157 units, less than 10,000 copies of the Wuling. It is followed in the ranking by BYD Song Plus and Qin Plus.

The best-selling European electric car during the period was the VW ID.4, with 99,880 units. For comparison, Hyundai sold 67,781 Ioniq 5s during the same period, while Kia sold 54,896 EV6s.

In this top 20, there are 13 Chinese cars, including six from the BYD brand. Therefore, it is not surprising to see this brand leading the sales of electric cars. With 974,595 copies sold, it is far ahead of Tesla (718,867) or Volkswagen (245,012).

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