The whistles, his return: Balerdi confesses! -Interview

How did you experience the moment when the Vélodrome whistled for you and how did you recover?

Leonardo Balerdi: “Now I feel very good. It was a tough moment. I play for my family, my friends and the fans. When they whistle you, it’s tough. But it’s fine, these are things that happen in football”. I listen a lot to my friends, my family and my colleagues who have always been behind me. It has been very important for me and now I feel very good.”

Tudor says of you that you have been one of the best players for some do you feel the progress?

Balerdi: “Yes, I saw what the coach said about me. I have the same playing time there as I did my entire last season. That helps, as well as the confidence. I also feel better in training. The coach gave me a lot of confidence and playing time. game. For me, that was very important. After Lille, he spoke to me, told me things that helped me a lot.”

What exactly did he tell you?

Balerdi: “He told me that he took me out because I already had a yellow card, and that he had already done it at Hellas Verona, taking out a defender because he had taken out too early. I know that in this first half hour. , we didn’t play well on my side, but as he explained it to me, I understood my change. He was able to wait until the break, but he didn’t think they were going to whistle me.”

You could have gone to Bologna this summer during the transfer window, can you confirm that you wanted to stay here?

Balerdi: “Yes, it’s true, I spoke with Bologna this summer, I took the time to reflect with my family and said no, that I want to stay here, even though there are a lot of people talking and that hurts me a little. I wanted to stay here, play the Champions League with OM.”

We think you’re better in the center of a three-man defence, what do you think?

Balerdi: “Yes, I feel better in the center too. When the coach tells me to play on the left or on the right, I do it for the team. I know that I have to improve in these two positions, with the sequence of matches I will be better. In between, I have more time to watch and help the team. This allows me to think more about how to position myself behind my teammates. I’m not in control anymore, so I prefer.”

Do you feel like a starter now or not?

Balerdi: “I don’t feel like a starter because there are good defenders in front of me. I have to make an effort in every training session to earn a place in the eleven”.

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