This is not a Diesel skirt at €795, but a belt that shocks TikTok

This is not a Diesel skirt at €795, but a belt that shocks TikTok

Following in the footsteps of updated micro skirts by Miu Miu in recent seasons, Diesel has introduced a belt that can be worn as a skirt. Which is not to the taste of TikTok who wonders about the practicality of such a parade piece.

It all started, or almost, with the Miu Miu Spring-Summer 2022 show, in October 2021, with its ultra cut. Since then, other houses have paraded microskirts on the catwalks, without necessarily this trend descending to the streets. Among them, Diesel, now artistically directed by the talented Belgian designer Glenn Martens (also at the head of Y/Project) proposed a first leather iteration for its autumn-winter 2022-2023 show that took place last February.

This is not a Diesel skirt but a belt that can be converted into a skirt

The belt as a skirt of the Diesel fall-winter 2022-2023 parade
The wide belt as a skirt at the Diesel fall-winter 2022-2023 show.

Looking at it, you may wonder if it’s a great belt or a stunted skirt, and that’s the whole point of this piece, divisive as you will. This one made such an impression that Diesel decided to renew it for spring-summer 2023 last September, offering it in crocodile or metallic.

The belt as a skirt for the Diesel Spring/Summer 2023 show

TikTok wonders about the practicality of the Diesel belt-skirt at €795

Meanwhile, the first models have finally been released (since it usually takes six months between the show and the shelf), which has caused TikTok to misunderstand. In fact, a person recorded a video on the Chinese social network trying on the piece sold for €795 in the brand’s eshop. may well present it as a ” low rise belt (Y2K atmosphere) that can be turned into a skirt, Adrienne Reau aka @ageorama judges that it is indeed a skirt. However, she rightly points out that this unique piece that closes with a velcro can only be adapted to certain morphologies. And above all, that it is really impractical since it prevents you from sitting down on pain of rising well above the buttocks that it barely covers.

At the same time, we can remember that everything that parades is not necessarily made to be used in everyday life, but for special occasions or simply to create strong images (in fashion editorials, for magazines, for example). On the one hand, we can fully underline the legitimate criticism of the quality of the product that leaves something to be desired: a skin that seems too rubbery (although it was surely the desired effect in a #BikerCore biker spirit) closed by a scratch that would be evident when you do over a size 40.

Which scrolls is not necessarily meant to be used like in real life

So it’s typically the kind of pieces cut to gain social media virality and nothing for real life. Or at least, not as a skirt, since Diesel presents it in its eshop as a wide belt to wear low-waisted over other garments. The way he presented himself during the show is an exercise in style. Because, it must be remembered, the styling of a fashion show is not necessarily made to be reproduced as it is done in everyday life, but to set the mood, and make people dream. And therein lies the irony of avant-garde fashion, which is not always there to dress us, but also to question and/or inspire us. Fortunately, the ridiculous I never killed anyone.

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