this rice sold in supermarkets would contain carcinogenic toxins

What’s next after this announcement?


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This rice well known to consumers is the subject of a product recall. According to the government website, carcinogenic toxins are found there.

As shortages make shopping increasingly difficult, product recalls are adding to the difficulty. In the place drink reminder From the government, many food products like baby jars or pizza or cosmetics like facial care are subject to in-store recalls. This Monday, November 7, a new food is added to the long list of product withdrawals. Indeed, 1 kg of long Basmati rice sold at Franprix should not be consumed.

Sold in all brand stores between January 22, 2021 and November 4, 2022, this package of Franprix Basmati long rice would contain a carcinogenic substance. these are aflatoxins. These last ones would be good in number higher than accepted content by health authorities. Please note that the affected lot for this product recall is 01/11/2023 and the barcode is as follows: 3263850564413. The expiration date on the package of contaminated rice is January 11, 2023.

What’s next after this announcement?

Basmati rice contaminated with carcinogens

The government site advises against eating this rice, which would be contaminated with aflatoxins. To do this, you can either throw away and destroy the package or return it to one of the 1,000 Franprix stores in France. A refund is possible until November 20, 2022 included and the telephone number 0970171000 has been enabled to deal with consumer queries.

Aflatoxins are little known to the general public, but they can have a great impact on health. According to the Léon Berard Cancer Center website, these are toxins (mycotoxins) produced by molds that thrive in warm, moist environments. Ingestion of aflatoxins is one of the main routes of exposure to carcinogens. Aflatoxin, conjugated with hepatitis B (HBV), can increase the risk of liver cancer by 30. Therefore, it is recommended not to eat this Franprix basmati rice.

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