Tips from a professional to avoid unnecessary purchases

Tips from a professional to avoid unnecessary purchases

Shopping is fun, but it can turn into a trap if you don't control yourself.

Shopping is fun, but it can turn into a trap if you don’t control yourself.

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excessive consumptionTips from a professional to avoid unnecessary purchases

Tanja Erskine-Stöcklin is a personal shopper and designer specializing in sustainable fashion. German speakers give tips on how to avoid compulsive buying.

You like to wander around the shops without knowing what you are looking for and many times you come home with your hands full of bags. After the fact, you realize that these purchases are completely worthless. Tanja Erskine-Stöcklin, a sustainable fashion designer and personal shopper from Zurich, has a method for combating unnecessary purchases. “I collect looks that match my style in a mood board to quickly see what these sets have in common and what pieces are missing,” he says.

Better yet, the expert advises creating a capsule wardrobe, that is, a minimalist dressing room made up of basics and favorite pieces that are easy to combine. But beware: “No more than forty pieces, including shoes.”

Compose a basic wardrobe

On what to include and what not to include in that wardrobe, she continues: “Pick your favorite clothes and hang them up. They say a lot about your style and can be used as a base. There’s no rule about what items should make up a wardrobe, but let’s just say that with good jeans, a quality turtleneck and some sneakers, you can’t go wrong.

If you want to incorporate a trendy piece into your capsule wardrobe, the expert suggests sustainable second-hand. That way, if you change your mind, you haven’t bought a new, specially made garment.

shopping tips

For shopping, Tanja Erskine-Stöcklin recommends an outfit that you wear regularly, to see immediately if the item you’re considering buying can be combined with what you already have. Another tip: if you are looking for a dress, wear tights or take them with you, because a dress over pants never looks good.

Facial expression reveals if the piece is a crush. “I like to observe the reaction of my clients. When you like something, it shows immediately in your appearance and attitude,” explains Tanja Erskine-Stöcklin. That is why the latter recommends buying together. And then, he gives the same more sympathetic to two.

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