Top 14: La Rochelle trapped in their own match against Bayonne

Stade Rochelais has not shown its true face. Away from. And yet, he did not expect another game. The challenge awaits.

Coming out of the hats of wheels, with their usual banners, the Stade La Rochelais was placed in the lead of the match from the first minutes. The hierarchy will be respected, we think… too quickly. The sequel will not be from the same barrel. The maritime ones will fall from above. “It’s simple, we play nine minutes out of eighty, explains Romain Sazy. In this level, no matter how much you move to any place, it doesn’t happen. We stop, we stop playing; more than that, we are totally smarter. The conclusion is there! If we believe that at minute 9 the job is done, no! We make an untold number of strikers. It’s not us!”

A difficult defeat to digest

There was also an opponent in front. The Rochelais did not disagree, on the contrary. They were even very aware of it. “We were warned insists Pierre Bourgarit, who came into play at the start of the second half. We’ve been saying it all week. We knew where we were stepping. We must congratulate this team from Bayonne who knew how to lead us to our own game, physical dominance”.

La Rochelle, who seemed untouchable, therefore fell to a rival where it would have been good to score points. The promoted one who, finally… does not have the profile. Difficult to digest. “We already know how the teams are going to pick us up, continues the hooker. When, up front, our team is not in the lead, they have a little more problems. I said that we had learned from our mistakes … the proof that not too many are night”. Reference to last season, in the same region. “In the past, we got slapped, observes the captain. We managed to get over it. I remember, last year, the one in Biarritz. Maybe she did us good. Honestly, when you go out for 80 minutes like this. We are far from our level.”

Therefore, it remains for the Rochelais to find their identity. To rediscover perseverance, rigor, already shaky at Clermont and against Racing. “It’s manageable. the second line insists. We will not lower our heads. We have quality players. We have wounded who are going to come back. But we’re not looking for excuses.” By order of a misstep, apparently. So, watch out for the reaction of the European champion, coming soon. It will be because of Toulon coming to Marcel-Deflandre…

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