Top 9 horror stories of birds that killed people, not nice these sparrows

Some sparrows may be the dumbest birds ever or the ugliest birds, but that doesn’t stop them from being dangerous criminals. Thirsty for revenge because they are harassed, some have no qualms about taking the lives of humans who dare to look them in the eye for more than three seconds. Although it must be admitted that some humans also do not hesitate to shoot birds with rifles during their Sunday hunting session. Still, you do well to change the sidewalk when you come across a pigeon. You can never be too careful.

1. A man was killed by his cassowary in Florida

In 2019, a 75-year-old man was killed by his own cassowary while feeding the animal in his enclosure. He then would have fallen and the bird (the most dangerous in the world) would have taken the opportunity to kill him with its 10 cm claws on its legs. Moral of the story: never adopt a cassowary, that’s all.

2. A 5-month-old baby died from a magpie attack.

In 2021, while walking with her 5-month-old baby Mia in Holland Park West in Brisbane, an Australian woman was attacked by a magpie. Trying to save herself from her, her mother tripped and fell to the ground while she was carrying her daughter in her arms. In her fall, the boy was injured in the head and ultimately did not survive this tragedy. Before this accident, those responsible for the park had already tried to reduce the number of magpies present, whose attacks were frequent.

3. An 81-year-old man died while walking into an ostrich enclosure.

Scared to death by ostriches, Fred Parker was found dead by one of these birds in June 1999. While feeding ostriches on his daughter’s farm, raised for their meat and skin, he reportedly entered the enclosure of one of the ostriches. animals. The ostrich, sensing that his territory was threatened, would have trampled on Fred Parker, breaking his neck. We really are in one of the worst animal species in the world, yes.

4. A little boy died in Ethiopia after a martial eagle attack

In 2019, a martial eagle caused a panic in an Ethiopian village. The raptor used to attack children frequently. She one day ended up injuring two and killing one by scratching and biting him to death.

5. Australian woman died after being attacked by her rooster

In 2019, while collecting eggs from her farm’s chicken coop, a 76-year-old Australian woman was attacked by her pet rooster. In fact, he bit her to death because her beak punctured a varicose vein that caused internal bleeding. The elderly woman eventually died from her injury before firefighters arrived. Like what, even an animal as mean as a rooster can be a cold-blooded killer.

An elderly Australian woman collecting eggs on her farm was fatally pecked by a rooster that took aim at the victim’s varicose veins, investigators say.

Posted by NBC News on Wednesday, September 4, 2019

6. A motorcyclist died after running over a turkey

In April 2019, a 70-year-old cyclist died after being hit in the chest by a flying turkey. The group of birds was crossing the road when the motorcyclist arrived and the collision caused the driver to lose control of his motorcycle which hit a guardrail post, breaking the sixty-something’s knee. The man eventually died from his injuries. It’s still very sad to get run over by a turkey.

7. An Indian was killed by his gamecock

In February 2021, a 45-year-old Indian named Thanugula Satish died after being stood up by his rooster. Indeed, the bird was armed with a 7-centimeter knife, because it was preparing to play an illegal fight against another gamecock. The blade pierced the owner’s groin as the rooster tried to flee from the duel. In January 2020, another man lost his life after his throat was cut by the blade of his rooster.

8. A fancier died from the droppings of his pigeons

In 2010, Bill Brailsford died at the age of 91 due to his passion for pigeon breeding, also known as pigeon racing. Suffering from a lung disorder due to repeated exposure to toxic dust created by bird droppings, he died of extrinsic allergic alveolitis. And there must be some droppings, since Bill Brailsford had over 170 pigeons living in his house.

9. The playwright Aeschylus is said to have been killed by a bird

Yes, even the stars of the past are entitled to a moderately elegant death. The playwright Aeschylus, who died at Gela in 456 B.C. C., died when a tortoise was struck on the head, thrown by a bird of prey that mistook its skull for a large pebble intended to crack the tortoise’s shell. 10/10 for this legend that I really want to believe.

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