Ubisoft accused of lying about fan merchandise

We are accustomed to Ubisoft’s strange business decisions, but it would seem that what follows crosses all limits with very far 6who will acquire a new edition. A strange phenomenon for fans who do not understand how this is possible. For them, the communication around the game is absurd, even misleading.

far away 6 : a new version of the fake game?

far away 6 It came out a little over a year ago. Ubisoft’s latest game received a more than mixed, if not poor, reception, with fans not finding the thrill of the license in this one.. The game invites players to the fictional island of Yara, inspired by Cuba. She is described as “the biggest card in the series” and consists of a “tropical paradise frozen in time“directed by Anton Castillo, the great villain that Ubisoft has been highlighting since the 3rd work of the series. But Upon release, players weren’t thrilled with the formula, which obviously hasn’t changed since 2008.. Additionally, Ubisoft navigated the various controversies surrounding the game’s release, particularly the promotion of the series’ firearms and the powerful politicization of the title.

But while the game was released in 2021, Ubisoft has already made an announcement… amazing. A new edition of the game will appear, in “GOTY” version, for Game of the Year. Quite surprising when you know that the game has obviously not been rewarded until today. As if that were not enough, this version is now available for sale, to celebrate the first anniversary of the game. You will have it for the modest sum of €119.99. Contains Far Cry 6, the Season Pass, all 3 DLCs (Madness, Control and Fall), Far Cry 3, the classic Blood Dragon, the Vice Pack, the Croc Hunter Pack, the Jungle Expedition Pack. But above all, this pack contains the upcoming “Between Worlds” DLC which Ubisoft hasn’t even promoted currentlyif not in the last 3 seconds of the birthday video.

Far Cry 6 turns 1 year old! Thanks to all the players who joined this adventure \ud83e\udde1\ud83e\udd73

See you soon on the island of Yara… \ud83d\ude09 pic.twitter.com/GvJZlmmTSw

October 6, 2022

Far Cry 6 GOTY : a price too high

The fact that Ubisoft is presenting us with a Game of the Year edition might be enough to make fans howl in anger., but the company is now known for its amazing business decisions. However, in his defense, there may be several reasons for this decision. The first is that the game should have received rewards.. But it didn’t happen for various reasons, like the technical weakness of the game, or the very tough competition last year, like elden ring Where Horizon: Forbidden West who have won many awards. The packaging must have already been in production at that time, and impossible to modify. Other, it is very possible that Ubisoft does not use prizes to define what a GOTY is, but in notes of players or the press. But in December the Game Awards 2022an opportunity to far away 6captain of Ubisoft to prove his worth?

In any case, some fans discourage this version at €119.99. For them it is priceless. The game is currently on sale for between €20 and €30, including in the official Ubisoft store, with the latter offering an “upgrade” to the GOTY version for €59.99. Even manually buying the next DLC, fans specify that the total does not go up to the €120 desired by Ubisoft. They are currently angry with Ubisoft and are expressing their frustration on social media.

Hello, we must boycott Far Cry 6, the mega edition in 120, its abuse of ubisoft \ud83d\ude09

October 9, 2022

Since when is Far Cry 6 a fucking goty? \ud83e\uddd0

October 6, 2022

€120 for Far Cry 6 GOTY Edition \ud83e\udd21 Who will spend that much money on a game no ugh xD https://t.co/pu9PSnJqnj

October 6, 2022

Invent imaginary prizes for the game of the year and sell the game at an insane price. Ubisoft is doing poorly. https://t.co/E3DPv0km0N

October 7, 2022

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