UZÈS The trade school builds two gaming tables for the Duchy park

The gaming tables were opened this Friday by elected officials, high school staff and some students (Photo: Thierry Allard / Objectif Gard)

There is no shortage of evidence of the talent of the students and teachers of the Gide de Uzès secondary school of arts and crafts, and the two gaming tables inaugurated on Friday in the Duchy park are added to the list.

two tables “made of white stone, stone from Lens du Gard, used in particular for the Maison Carrée de Nîmes, with a chessboard of black granite from Zimbabwe and white marble from Carrara”, presents the professor of masonry at the Gide Fabien Camelio institute. About ten 1st and 12th graders from the stonecutting section worked on this project for a whole year. The marble apprentices made the checkerboard and the joinery section cut the wood for the seats.

“Everything was done manually, except the checkerboard inlay in digital control”says Fabien Camelio. The city council paid for the materials, for just under 1,900 euros, and set up the tables in the Parque del Ducado. They are added to the children’s games installed a few weeks ago in the park. “We wanted this place to be intergenerational, because not only children like to play, game tables are especially appreciated by adults”explains Sophie Marinopoulos, Deputy Mayor for Family, Citizenship and Children.

For the council, it was natural to draw on the talents of local high school students. “We appreciate this collaboration between the city council and the school, we are completely satisfied with it”, stresses Mayor Jean-Luc Chapon. Other collaborations of this type could follow, as long as they register “in teaching programs”, specifies the director of the high school Samir Ziane. The idea is, in particular, not to compete with companies.

The fact is that the project is exemplary in the sense that it allowed “working with local materials, on a heritage space, with contemporary teaching methods”, believes the academic inspector of fine arts Christian Torremoneil. And to show these skills to as many people as possible, in addition, the city council had a sign placed between the two tables to specify that they were made by high school students. “We are proud of our achievement and of our schooladds Samir Ziane. This achievement highlights the work of our students and teachers. »

Thierry ALLARD

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