Vagina with your fingers, winter games in Arabia, eat your dead… The 6 tartuferias of back to school

6. Allocation of the Asian Winter Games to Saudi Arabia

We thought we were inoculated with Qatar, its air-conditioned stadiums and its particular sense of human resource management in the construction industry. Not counting lively MBS (Mohamed ben Salmane) who dreams of winter sports in a city created especially to host the 2029 Asian Games. Giant slalom, Nordic combined and figure skating on the banks of the Red River are on the menu. Sea.

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There are certainly some mountains in this corner of the world and it does get a bit chilly there in winter, even if we’re not sure there’s any natural snow there. But the attribution of such Games seems as incongruous to us as a beef rib on a barbecue at an ecofeminist evening or the presence of a professional football club in Dijon. [NDLA : nul n’ignore plus que je suis supporteur du FC Sochaux-Montbéliard]. This attribution therefore deserves a sixth place on our list. Kudos to MBS and the committee meeting in Phnom Penh that decided so.

5. Bruno Le Maire’s turtleneck… and Emmanuel Macron

We know Bruno Le Maire’s taste for disruptive communication, his staging of himself on vacation, jogging or playing ping-pong. From now on, he also pays with his own person to give advice on weather and clothing. Thus, in France Inter he explained that for him the tie was over and that now he would wear a turtleneck sweater to set an example and encourage him not to put the heating on too high a temperature when it can be warm. His example, even his sacrifice, was followed by the President of the Republic, who came to explain how to participate online in the National Refoundation Council dressed in such a sweater.

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How not to remember on this occasion the prophecy of Michel Houellebecq, who in his latest novel, announced that the President of the Republic was going to give signals for his future succession in “bis interim” mode and that his Minister of Economy would not. he was not the worst placed. The problem is that Emmanuel Macron put on his turtleneck sweater at a time when the temperatures were rising to an almost summer level and we are wondering about his outfit while the mercury drops below zero. So he will wear a balaclava and mittens? Fifth place deserved by Bruno Le Maire and Emmanuel Macron, in co-production.

4. Sandrine Rousseau’s feminist sign with her fingers

In terms of rumors and awkward moments, the member from the 13th arrondissement of Paris could appear on every chart if we made up every week. We could also have mentioned the way he got on board with her Laurence Rossignol in whistling at her during the rally in support of Iranian women last Sunday. But since then, there has been talk of Sandrine Rousseau again. As Aurore Bergé attacked the Nupes during the government questioning session, Sandrine Rousseau made a sign with her fingers, supposedly to affirm her sisterhood. This sign is apparently the one created by an Italian feminist in the seventies, by forming with her fingers a uterus or a vagina thus associated, we do not know very well. We invite Sandrine Rousseau’s fellow deputies not to try to reproduce this type of allegory of her genitals in the hemicycle. This could be very misunderstood.

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But Sandrine Rousseau’s embarrassing moment does not lie in this happening, but in the wry look she gave her co-workers when she discovered no one had followed her. What if Sandrine Rousseau started to tire of her closest friends? What if she gets upset? After the session, however, Sandrine Rousseau was able to participate in an impromptu press conference with Danièle Obono and Clémentine Autain, proof that the latter have not yet decided to lock her in a closet and lose her key. Fourth place for Sandrine Rousseau, who can obviously do better.

3. The refusal of the fanzones during the World Cup

Twelve years after the award of the World Cup to Qatar, and almost as many Qatari shareholders in the club in the capital, several municipalities have decided on a revolutionary gesture, which will undoubtedly be heard even in Doha: Lille, Strasbourg and others The cities have decided that there will be no fan zone in winter. We wonder who would have gone to watch football matches in the open air in the cold of a square in Lille or Strasbourg, when you can see them at home in a turtleneck, or even in a city bar.

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Special mention to Anne Hidalgo, who will be able to talk about it with PSG shareholders when she meets with them next Sunday in a box at the Parc des Princes, glass of champagne in hand. Molière could easily adapt his Tartuffe to the early 21st century. Anne Hidalgo, Martine Aubry or Arnaud Robinet, the mayor of Reims, could find election papers there. This third place is enthusiastically attributed to them.

2. “Eat your dead!” »

Danièle Obono, who came to the rescue of Sandrine Rousseau and Manon Aubry, whistled at by protesters in support of Iranian women, tweeted. She denounced the political instrumentalization of this struggle. It is true that at La France insoumise (LFI) we NEVER instrumentalize politically. But when that wasn’t enough, she concluded her tweet with ” Eat your dead! “For the best effect.

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Could this incitement to the consumption of animal meat, but nevertheless human, have scandalized his colleague Aymeric Caron? He could scandalize activists who passionately fight against cultural appropriation, since this expression would have gypsy origin. The elegance, distinction and haughty look of Danièle Obono inviting her political opponents to dig up their dead to make their food (at a barbecue?), earned her a second place. But there is no doubt that they could be the first for her, if she continues on this promising path.

1. The clothesline by Gilles Le Gendre

as my colleague from Marianne Samuel Piquet, I have tenderness for the subtlety and complex thinking of Gilles Le Gendre. The latter did not disappoint us. Seeing how much headlines Bruno Le Maire was grabbing the headlines in his turtleneck (see 5th place), he decided to set the bar higher, much higher. What he wanted to give us is not just clothing advice, but domestic advice, to be able to participate in the necessary energetic sobriety. This is how we entered into the intimacy of the Le Gendre couple since the former president of the LREM group summoned us to the discussion he had had with his wife about drying the family clothes.

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We imagine the exchange in his apartment in the sixth district of Paris: “ From now on (I like the idea of ​​Mme Le Gendre using the adverb from now on) we will no longer use the dryer, but we will hang the clothes on a clothesline “. And Gillou (I like the idea that Mrs. Le Gendre nicknamed her husband Gillou) to answer ” Yes ! » with the enthusiasm that we know of him. Our imagination still wanders as we envision Gillou himself hanging clothes on the white clothesline and Madame Le Gendre cursing him because she pinched her Chanel blouse on her shoulders, leaving indelible marks of her sacrifice for Cause and Example. The Le Gendre couple -ideal- as well as its drying rack, undoubtedly deserve the first place on this list.

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