Victor Wembanyama, words already fail: “I don’t think there is any possible comparison”, says Rudy Gobert

One more feat for Victor Wembanyama. On Thursday night he managed to pass Rudy Gobert (2.16 meters) for a man of normal size, or almost. The French prodigy posed with his compatriot, triple best defender of the year in the NBA (2018, 2019, 2021), in Las Vegas, after a new XXL performance. Opposed for the second time in G League Ignite with his Metropolitans 92 lineup, the 18-year-old giant at times seemed like he was taking on kids. With victory at the end, this time (112-106). “Wemby” finished impressing before returning to France.

36 points, 11 rebounds, 4 blocks and 4 assists. Here is the stat line on him. Worst ? It’s far from the most impressive aspect of the show from him. His mastery is illustrated not so much in numbers as in the impression of comfort. When he achieves a fade, with a wingspan estimated at 2.43 meters, he seems impossible to counter. So when he starts scoring from far away like this Thursday, Steph Curry-style, the fantasy about the utterly “basketball” weapon he can become almost takes shape, under the astonished gaze of an NBA where risk tanks swarm this season.


“It’s not a unicorn, it’s a UFO”: LeBron under Wembanyama’s spell


Feels like last night started a race to the bottom (from range) as we have never known“, the general director of an NBA franchise had declared on Wednesday to ESPN, according to famed insider Adrian Wojnarowski, after the first round of the prospect matchup. The second act didn’t change the game, it even reinforced that climate of searching for a generational talent.

Rudy Gobert (2.16m), left, doesn’t look so good next to Victor Wembanyama – 06/10/2022

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“We knew it was going to be unique”

The No. 1 spot for the upcoming draft seems promised to Wembanyama, barring injuries. And it’s not for lack of competition, as Scoot Henderson “projected” the number 2 made a good impression on Tuesday during the success of G League Ignite. He was then limited to five minutes on Thursday after a knee-to-knee clash with his towering French opponent. Any brilliant player he might aspire to become doesn’t arouse the same curiosity as the interior tricolor. It is a phenomenon, as Gobert testifies: “I’ve known him since he was 13 years old, we knew he was going to be one of a kind..”

He is very mature, he knows where he wants to go.continues the pivot of the Timberwolves. I don’t think there is any possible comparison.A maturity that Wembanyama illustrates in front of the microphones, when he dedicates himself to a dangerous exercise: the answer to a shower of praise.It is an honor to have great players who speak of me in this wayrejoices first the one LeBron James notably called ‘alien’. But it doesn’t change anything. I thought it was cool, but I have to stay focused on my goals. I haven’t accomplished anything yet, I haven’t played an NBA game, I haven’t been drafted“.

“I don’t know how it could have been better”

A controlled communication, like his shovel towards Scoot Henderson, before their double confrontation took place. “If he had never been born, I think he would deserve the number one spot. (from the next NBA draft)”, Victor Wembanyama had thus advanced, already flaunting the rudiments of the mocking compliment. The action had to be followed after such an exit. Mission accomplished, with these symphonies at 37 and then at 36 points, embellished with “highlights” including an alley-oop where his head almost hit the rim, in a service by Hugo Besson. For ordinary mortals, it would be an unforgettable action. It is one of many to the rod of his delirious panoply.

This experience was unique, magnificent. I don’t know how it could have been better.“, summarizes the young man. The next step for him is the daily return to the French championship, where he is making his range this season, in a smaller engine than ASVEL, with which he was disputing the Euroleague during the previous year. “The Metropolitans offer you the opportunity to be a major player, to discover new responsibilities. We’re ready to bet that some NBA franchises are considering offering him that role, long-term. For that, the commitment will take until next June “and the stakes have gained momentum this week.

LeBron James, looking admiringly, in front of Victor Wembanyama, favorite for the #1 spot in the 2023 NBA draft

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