Vinicius Jr’s controversy sets fire to Spain!

What’s next after this announcement?

Vinicius Jr went through all the states yesterday. In the middle of the afternoon, the 22-year-old footballer was happy as he had learned of his selection for the World Cup in Qatar. A pride for the Brazilian who will be able to defend the colors of his country. In the afternoon, the São Gonçalo native lost his smile. Starter during the match between Real Madrid and Rayo Vallecano, he had a difficult match. Especially since his team lost 3-2 at the end. A fight where what was expected in the absence of KB9 still made people talk about him because of his attitude. It had been that way this season.

Vinicius has been targeted by multiple teams

On September 11, he upset Mallorca, who believed he had been provoked by the Brazilian. The player left the match angry where he had complained to the referee for fouls. Shortly after, brand He had also revealed that Vinicius Jr had had a kind of contract in mind since the Mallorca players had no longer digested last season’s games. Resurrected, the auriverde international had been called to order by the Madrid dressing room, who did not want the Brazilian to become the target of all the teams. He had been cut by some former members of the team.

Unfortunately for him, the footballer born in 2000 was once again the target of Real Madrid’s opponents yesterday. Indeed, Rayo Vallecano did not forgive him. The restless end was quite shaken physically. But he did not let it go, he who received a yellow card after 10 minutes. This Tuesday, the Iberian media evoke the new tensions that surround the Brazilian. “Vinicius’s war in Vallecas”title brand who defended the player below: Open bar in LaLiga. Beating Vinicius Jr is free. As in the match against Girona, the Brazilian striker was once again attacked with impunity.

The Madrid press defends him

The Spanish publication later added: “Vinicius had the Rayo fans against him from the start of the match and already in the warm-up he received a message about what to expect. But it was when the ball started rolling that things started to heat up. Martínez Munuera (the referee) saw a foul and a yellow card. Both things bothered the Brazilian. The protest became so intense that Ancelotti had to intervene to calm down his player and also listen to the referee that Vini had to calm down or he would end up with a red card. From there began a war against the entire Ray. (…) Baillu and Isi looked for tickles in almost all actions».

brand concluded: “As Ancelotti asked him to get 100% involved in the match, Vinicius stared at the stands several times while touching the Madrid shield. More boos. Complaints against the referee came from all sides. Vinicius since he was fed up with fouls and actions that he saw as provocations; on the side of Rayo because they thought that he was throwing himself and that a foul by the Brazilian before the break deserved the second yellow ”. brand spoken of “warbetween the Brazilian and Rayo Vallecano. Iván Balliu, who should have been expelled for having held “Vini” headfirst in an action according to The beach barreturned to this battle.

The Brazilian was well stuck

“It’s hard to stop players like Vinicius, so I had to look for those little things besides football. He was trying to go strong, to mark his territory but I had to remind him that the Brazilian list came out a few hours ago… and everything went well (…) Yes, it’s true that I hit him, I rubbed his ear a little and also exaggerates. I try to stop and pause a bit with his ear or his head, but with no intention of hitting him or violently. I got messages telling me a lot of things, but not that we were asking for a red one or anything like that..

Carlo Ancelotti, who tried to calm his player down, mentioned this match. “He did not receive any special treatment. It is similar to what he had in the season. I am talking to him. We have lost many duels. It was a difficult game for him and for everyone. The Mister did not want to extend himself too much with a very important element for his team this season (10 goals, 5 assists in 20 games in all competitions). But the often attacked Brazilian will have to learn to play with it to stay on his game and help his team-mates, whether at Real Madrid or with Brazil. The ball is in the court of Vinicius Jr.

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