Watts d’Or Electric Car of the Year: and the winner is…

After months of gestation and weeks of suspense, we are almost there!

On Thursday, November 10 at 5:00 p.m., during an exceptional Live on the Automobile Propre YouTube channel, we will reveal live the Watt d’Or Electric Car of the Yearas well as two other trophies in the field of electromobility.

At Automobile Propre we have been supporting the transition to less polluting modes of travel as a specialized medium for almost 14 years.

So it was quite natural that we had the idea to create this trophy for the electric car of the year, Clean car gold wattsto continue to be a part of this movement and bear witness to our unbroken passion for automotive innovation.

A fun idea that germinated last spring, when we realized that all economic sectors had their trophies, and that the car of the year was one of the most outstanding for decades, but that there was still nothing concrete about the electric car .

Given Automobile Propre’s positioning, engagement and audience, we felt we were the most legitimate to create this trophy, and we are now streaming the announcement of the results live over the internet.

As we have already had the opportunity to announce here, we will therefore have:

  • Watt d’Or Electric Car of the Year
  • The Watt d’Or for Best Recharge Network in 2022
  • Watt d’Or for Best Innovation in Electromobility

We are waiting for you live from 5 pm on Thursday. We put the small dishes in the big ones to invent a ceremony that we hope will be pleasant and pleasant to follow, concentrated to avoid the long ones, although we do not hide from you that we are a little nervous. But the main thing obviously is the winners, which we will reveal with the jury… and the winners who will all be present at the venue.

Put it in your favorites and add a little reminder in your diaries, it would be a pleasure to see you!

In the meantime, here’s a little sneak peek produced by our video partner, Carbone CafĂ©, who will also be managing all the capturing and live streaming (turn up the sound)…

Chargeguru is a partner of Watts d’Or.

load guruChargeGuru is the European expert in recharging electric vehicles. Our mission is to design efficient, simple and scalable electric vehicle charging solutions to accelerate the transition to sustainable mobility. Our solutions are at the forefront of technology and are made to perfectly meet the needs of our customers. They are deployed by local experts who share our passion for sustainable development. Created in 2018, we are currently present in 7 countries (France, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom) with local teams to support our customers and partners. We will be close to 200 Gurus by 2023.

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