We dream of a Super Mario video game as beautiful as the animated film

Nintendo and the Illumination studio have released the first trailer for the animated film Super Mario. The photos are wonderful.

Unlike Sonic, Mario won’t need a facelift. On the occasion of a new Direct broadcast on October 6, Nintendo shared the long-awaited trailer for the film. Super Mario. These first images aren’t just reassuring, they’re stunning! Two minutes are enough for you to want to go to a cinema on March 29, 2023, the date on which the animated feature film will be released.

Entitled Super Mario Bros The Moviethis project is the result of the collaboration between Nintendo, of course, and Illumination Entertainment -a studio belonging to Universal Pictures to whom we owe the sagas me, me and naughty either minions. We quickly felt his know-how in the trailer, both Super Mario Bros The Movie it’s visually stunning from start to finish. We really dream of the day when video games developed by Nintendo look like this.

And the voice of Chris Pratt for the rest?

The video begins with a notable appearance by Bowser (Jack Black) in a setting that mixes fire and ice. The contrast is striking. The iconic villain is modeled to perfection. The reflections in his scaly skin are striking, and his facial expressions (note the almost creepy look on his face) turn out to be very successful. We also appreciate all the small gestures that the artists at Illumination Entertainment have thought of: they bring to life a familiar universe that we want to immerse ourselves in.

Super Mario Bros The Movie // Source: Screenshot

Next comes Mario, cuter than ever. He lands in a Mushroom Kingdom packed with items and textures. Fans may be surprised to hear him deliver actual lines (and not just My mom). We’ll also let you judge the performance: too flat? — by Chris Pratt (Star-Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy), a choice that has been debated since the formalization of the casting. At first glance, the Italian origins of the hero have been forgotten, and we do not perceive any accent. The French version, provided by Pierre Tessier (voicing for Ryan Reynolds, among others), is much more convincing – including in the ears of the Anglo-Saxons.

Super Mario Bros The Movie // Source: Screenshot
Super Mario Bros The Movie // Source: Screenshot

Most watchers will notice that the trailer ends with a sequence with Luigi. Mario’s brother flaunts all of his fear-related emotions, just like in the trilogy Luigi’s Mansion. Again, the work done by Illumination Entertainment is remarkable. We can only wait for a scenario worthy of this generous way.

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