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Linky meters on a building in Marseille (Photo by Gerard Bottino/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)

Question asked after the possibility granted to suspend for two hours the heating of the water tanks of certain consumers through the Linky meter.

Linky meters have been at the center of many rumors since their implementation in the early 2010s. These connected electricity meters, which equip 35.4 million houses and apartments, that is, more than 90% of subscribed households to the network, they are again at the center of the questions. from the publication of a decree.

In the context of the risk of tension in the electrical network, it will be possible to suspend for two hours the heating of the water tanks of certain consumers during the consumption peak in the middle of the day. Enough to revive many fantasies about the possibilities of having Linky.

Very detailed consumption

The Linky meter communicates the household consumption in KWh to the Enedis IT department. By default, this remoting occurs every month. But, if desired, the customer can access their consumption on a much more recurring basis: every week, every day or even every half hour.

But, insists Enedis’ director of clients with Le Figaro, the client’s agreement is essential for Enedis to have access to these detailed declarations. If the client does not give this authorization, “the data remains in the meter, it is the property of the client”.

What data is transmitted?

If the Linky meter provides access to half-hour consumption per half hour, its accuracy stops there. In effect, the meter does not allow the accurate counting of household consumption, appliance by appliance or room by room, for example, and it does not allow you to determine the use you make of your appliances.

The communicated data that is transmitted securely, you want to reassure Enedis. Because the transmitted data does not circulate over the Internet, but through the cables of the electrical network. Data that is encrypted, which further guarantees its security, as required by the National Commission for Informatics and Liberties.

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Linky meters are presented as a means for customers to better control their electricity consumption and reduce their bill. It is, in particular, by scrutinizing your consumption as much as possible, for example for half an hour, that it is possible to assess what you consume more at home and adapt your use.

The supplier cannot decide to lower the power

With such detailed data, the energy supplier can propose commercial offers that are as close as possible to the customer’s needs, and for example propose a reduction or an increase in the power supplied, depending on the use of certain devices simultaneously, for instance.

However, if the customer can request a reduction in power, the electricity providers cannot decide on their own, without a request from the customer. This is reassuring when there are risks of tension in the electrical network in the event of a cold peak this winter, at certain times of the day.

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