What we know about one of the best video game schools in the world coming to Nice

The information was released with great fanfare during France’s largest video game fair: Paris Games Week. Isart Digital, ranked among the best video game schools in the world, arrives in Nice. As of September 2023, the first promotion will be able to integrate this campus of the Game business school, which will first be installed in premises rented from the city council in the Eco Valley.

What do we learn there?

The Nice campus will be “a school in its own right with its specificities and identities” but also with “a director and teams adapted to the context”, manages Isart. If the historic Parisian campus is more oriented towards creative professions and the one in Montreal is more marked by ”data analysis”, Nice promises to be focused on “different professions in the world of video games at the service of monetization, marketing, publishing and entrepreneurship”.

A business School (business school, in French) that will also offer the artistic and creative sector of the establishment.

Graduates will be able to apply for positions of data managerof business development. But also publishing work in video game studios and publishers or for other industries, in France and abroad. […] using digital images, artificial intelligence and data technologies”management says.

Who can access it?

The school offers two courses: a Bachelor of Business Administration (a three-year license) entitled Game and creative management (“Game and creative management”, in French) and a science teacher (two-year master’s degree) Game and creative strategy (”game and creative strategy”, in French).

The fees?

The cost of these studies: 8,900 euros per year for the license and 11,000 euros per year for the master’s degree, to which must be added 450 euros for enrollment.

“We target high school graduates, men and women, French and foreign, who want to pursue these dynamic professions where success stories are written every day.delivered by the director of Isart Digital, Xavier Rousselle.

Candidates must register on the school’s website. (1) to get an interview date. Sessions begin in early December for the upcoming school year.

A dedicated campus project

Student residence, business incubator, eco-constructed building… In 2025, Isart should have its exclusive campus in Nice, on the boulevard Simone-Veil.

The project: a building with deliberately avant-garde architecture for a school that intends to house up to 1,000 students. An ambition that would have been one of the factors in the success of the establishment on the Côte d’Azur. “When we wanted to build a strong school, it was a turning point”trust the director who finally wants “help create businesses, business models, through video games and the creation of intellectual property”.

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