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GASOLINE SHORTAGE. Is gasoline and diesel available at stations near you on Tuesday? As the fuel shortage continues and worsens, find all the national and local information and maps to know where to refuel.

[Mis à jour le 11 octobre 2022 à 09h16] Car queues are getting longer and longer at gas stations that still benefit from full tanks… or at least not completely dry. Even so, almost 30% of the stations suffer fuel shortages this Tuesday morning, October 11 (29.4% lacked at least one fuel on Monday night according to the Minister for the Energy Transition, Agnès Pannier- Runacher) and improvements are not yet available not guaranteed for the next few days. However, some signs seemed positive, such as the conclusion of an agreement between the oil company Esso-ExxonMobil and the unions, with the exception of the CGT.

The government hopes that this advance will allow the release of the two Esso refineries affected by the stoppage in the next few hours, but nothing is certain. On the Total side, however, no improvement is in sight. In response, the Prime Minister brought together the ministers urgently concerned in Matignon on Monday evening and mentioned the possible “requisition” of refineries in the event of too long and above all inconclusive dialogues. A radical decision that the prefects could take in the name of “continuity of public service” so as not to “let the country lock down”. This requisition would force some employees to work to get the refineries back to work, but the CGT has already indicated that opting for the requisition would transform the strike into a “war.”

The shortage of gasoline depends on the operation of the refineries and if future improvements seem possible, several days of waiting are still necessary before the expected return of fuel in quantity. Motorists will still have to be patient to get a few liters of gasoline. Above all because as of this Tuesday the filling of drums, already prohibited in many departments, should be prohibited everywhere, a national decree that goes in this direction will be taken during the day. Find all the maps to find unleaded gasoline 95, 98 and diesel near you.

There are several solutions to know where to refuel and which stations are sold out. First, the Mon Essence app offers a statement based on user feedback reporting dry seasons. The project is 100% collaborative.

You can also find a search engine and map of French petrol stations below. This is the “instant feed” of fuel prices in France, provided by the Ministry of Economy and available here on the official website: https://www.fuel-prices.gouv.fr/ Search for a municipality using the search engine at the top left to get an update on the situation:

  • By zooming in and then clicking on a point on the map, you can view all the information about the station and scroll through the prices of each fuel with arrows.
  • Spent fuels are either explicitly mentioned on the map or not found at stations
  • It is up to the point of sale in question to declare its station and its prices to the Ministry. Some groups, like Total, also provide data that is sometimes more detailed. You can find it on the Total website.

Above you will find a published list based on feedback from users of the app and the Mon Essence.fr website.

A map published based on feedback from users of the Mon Essence.fr app and site and centered on Marseille is available above.

A map published based on feedback from users of the Mon Essence.fr app and website and centered on Lyon is available above.

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