Which of these 3 men do you think carries more weight?

Which of these 3 men do you think carries more weight?

What is the best way to keep your mind sharp and healthy? By occasionally exposing the brain to some very puzzling visual challenges. This is one of the best exercises anyone can recommend to keep your brain fit. Here are some that are sure to surprise you!

At the time, during the school career, the teachers presented us with challenges and problems to solve. Today, they have diminished in many ways and have become widespread throughout the Internet. You will find them en masse on various sites and on social networks, in the form of brain teasers, crossword puzzles, visual brain teasers and other optical illusions. But it is not so much the image that matters, the main thing is to regularly train the brain cells to develop their cognitive abilities in order to better understand certain complex situations of everyday life.

Focus everyone!

There is no escape: while surfing the net, you are bound to come across a host of new visual challenges waiting to be solved. Of course, some are more difficult to solve than others. A priori, our first challenge is not so complicated. It is still necessary to show a perfect logical reflection. If you have the ability to fully concentrate and use good deduction, you could find the solution in no time. If, on the other hand, you respond immediately without taking the time to think about it, you are very likely wrong!

Which man do you think carries more weight?

In the image below, there are three separate men carrying the same log of wood. The task seems very heavy. But logically, one of them should suffer a little more than the others, since he carries more weight. This is, therefore, the bet of the challenge: you must determine which of the three comes out worst, that is, the one that lifts the heaviest part of the trunk.

Therefore, it is clearly a logical deduction. It is true that it is not that simple, so take your time to better assess the situation and, above all, observe the location of everyone.

Are you ready ? Here is the photo.


Image of the riddle -Source: spm

Child’s play for you? Did you find the answer at first sight? Bravo for your mental agility and your excellent logical aptitude.

Do you still have a question? Do you lack knowledge of weights and measures? Do not be scared, now we are going to reveal the answer: the most important mass is concentrated in the middle of the trunk with 50% of the total weight, while on the sides, the weight is distributed at 25% each. By deduction, it is the man in the middle who carries the heaviest load.

Whether you found the correct answer or not, we offer you a new challenge to further exercise your brain.

Can you see the cat in this photo?

Having a pet is one of the best feelings in the world! We become attached to him so quickly that he ends up becoming a full member of the household. Between hugs, games, fun parties or small protests, it is impossible to get bored with his furball. Do you have a cat at home? So you know very well that this little feline has more than one ace up his sleeve. He has the art of hiding everywhere and showing up when you least expect it.

Take, for example, in the photo below, if you look deeply, you can find a well isolated cat in a corner. As you can see, we are in a kitchen, where appliances, drawers, cupboards and other culinary elements are staged.

But there’s also that furry little intruder lurking somewhere. At first glance, it is extremely difficult to find it, but it is not impossible. With a little goodwill and a lot of focus, you can probably find it. Come on, we’ll let you accept the challenge!

As a reminder: cats love to explore everything around them, so sometimes you can find them in the most unexpected places.

Here is the photo:


Visual challenge image – Source: spm

visual challenge solution

Difficult, difficult to capture the presence of this animal, right? Yet he is there.

Did you finally find it? You deserve a round of applause. Because, despite his best efforts, many people have not been able to detect it at all. You have a very keen sense of observation, congratulations!

Your search was unsuccessful? Are you tired of searching in vain for that annoying cat? So, it’s time to reveal the location of him to you. Take a look at the solution in the image just below:


Visual Challenge Solution – Source: spm

Here’s an enlarged image that makes it even easier to see!


Visual Challenge Solution – Source: spm

Yes, this little kitty has given you a lot of trouble. Now that you have the answer, challenge your family and friends to try to find it. And don’t hesitate to practice as often as possible with these visual puzzles that can entertain you and keep your mind sharp.

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