Why Carrie Bradshaw’s Pigeon Clutch Makes Fashionistas So Angry

In new photos from the set of season 2 of Sex And The City sequel And Just Like That, actress Sarah Jessica Parker sports a dove-shaped bag. Signed JW Anderson, this accessory is why Carrie Bradshaw questions.

Why settle for having a bag in the shape of a square, rectangle, crescent or even a cube when you can have it in the shape of a dove, like Carrie Bradshaw’s in season 2 of and just like that ? This is the question we can ask ourselves before the surprising accessory that actress Sarah Jessica Parker wore on the set of the sequel to sex and the city. But by the way, where does this funny bird come from? And what is this for?

Where did Carrie Bradshaw’s dove-shaped bag come from?

It was in January 2022 that this dove-shaped clutch first appeared on the JW Anderson runway.brand of the young Northern Irish designer Jonathan Anderson (also at the head of the luxury house Loewe, belonging to the LVMH group).

JW Anderson Fall-Winter 2022-2023 show, presented in Milan on January 16, 2022. © Courtesy of JW Anderson.

Immediately, the volatiles divided the critics and the public., seeing some in this joke in bad taste a vain provocation or on the contrary an interesting reflection. These possibilities are not mutually exclusive, they are certainly both at the same time. And that is precisely what makes this minaudière as fascinating as it is unnerving. It was enough for real-life fashionistas to embrace him with delight as soon as he launched. And this dove seduces even in fiction, since it’s Carrie Bradshaw’s character’s turn to grab it in the sequel to Sex in the city, and so on.

Wonder and cooing at the price of the minaudière pigeon JW Anderson

Screenshot 2022-10-10 on 11.06.04
Actresses Sarah Jessica Parker and Kristin Davis on the set of And Just Like That. © Instagram screenshot.

In fact, according to new images published in early October 2022 from the shooting of season 2 of the continuation from the mythical series, we see the actress Sarah Jessica Parker with the JW Anderson minaudière-pigeon. However, as the series is much more popular than this sharp fashion brand, the accessory managed to reach the retina of a larger audience. And this is nothing more than wonder and cooing at the price of the minaudière: €690.

Screenshot 2022-10-10 at 10.56.18
Socks with Dior sandals, a Fendi ankle baguette and a JW Anderson dove clutch: Carrie Bradshaw is still a fashionista. © Instagram screenshot of Sarah Jessica Parker.

Can we really put anything in this fun bag?

Made from 3D printed resin in the UK, the bag measures 2cm x 21cm x 11cm. One wing lifts up to reveal a compartment that can accommodate a few cards, a lip gloss, and keys, at most. This collector’s piece that can be used as a decoration in the home, like any trinket, can be reserved now for delivery scheduled for the end of February 2023.

Good luck getting a phone in this JW Anderson pigeon clutch
Good luck getting a phone in this JW Anderson pigeon clutch. © eshop of the brand.

Therefore, we can read there a literal way of incorporating the expression pigeonhole. Or on the contrary, a way of humorously questioning the canons of good taste. Perhaps it is also a way to remind us how smartphones have retired the carrier pigeons that once served to communicate, and are now completely… accessories.

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Cover photo credit: Screenshot from JW Anderson’s Instagram and eshop.

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