With Modern Warfare II’s multiplayer mode, Call of Duty takes a step back

Because there apparently aren’t enough games with the same name, Activision decided to release a game called Call of Duty Modern Warfare II, thirteen years after the original. We have already given you our opinion on the single player part of the title, and now it is time to focus on its multiplayer component after almost two weeks of play.

We will not insult you by pretending that this is all, it was this year that Call of Duty decided to refresh its formula to innovate and take risks -no, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II does not reinvent hot water and is a continuation of previous episodes, in particular the Modern war which launched in 2019. Trying out a new annual iteration of Call of Duty is like looking at the few changes that make it a slightly different title, but still look like two peas in a pod from the previous nineteen.

Each new installment comes with the usual selection of game modes, from a simple team deathmatch to Hardpoint, available in 6v6 on a handful of maps. Coming to the menus, now, first surprise: the interface has changed. We say goodbye to the menu divided into three well-differentiated parts, here everything is grouped in a drop-down screen where the modes are symbolized by simple squares that can be clicked to navigate from one to another without the side. gasworks old episodes. You can switch back and forth between classic, campaign, and co-op multiplayer modes quite easily, and a new side menu brings together the game’s social features for chatting with your party or starting a voice chat.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II // source: Screenshot

no big changes

There’s no big fuss on the game modes side, as there are only two new modes in the quickplay: Hostage Release and Knockout. Both are really variants of existing modes, inspired by Search and Destroy with a limited number of lives and the possibility of reviving fallen teammates. All of these classic modes are played in teams of six players, but we should also point out the presence of Invasion and Ground War modes. They open up the conflict to dozens of players on larger maps filled with AI-controlled soldiers and vehicles to control.

Modern Warfare II is based on the achievements of the license

Inspired by Battle Royale Warzone and Battlefield, these large-scale modes are far from the most exciting to play and mostly feel like a giant amusement park where everyone comes to rack up experience levels via chain-link killer robots. We also regret the absence of hardcore playlists for game modes, which will only arrive with the launch of the first season of the Battle Pass on November 16.

This rather poor selection of modes at the beginning of the game is the first small disappointment of this modern warfare ii. Where the 2019 episode, and even Black Ops Cold War released in 2020, attempted to offer offbeat modes to turn endless Domination matches into a loop, modern warfare ii it is based on the purchased license. It does not seek to innovate through its game modes, for example, we would have liked to find in the modes an equivalent to the Skirmish in 2v2, which was fashionable in Modern war, but is not. We will probably have to wait to see what modes will be released in the coming months with the arrival of the different seasons.

Modern Warfare 2–5
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II // source: Screenshot

More flexibility in classes and playstyle.

On the other hand, this new episode takes some liberties with its cards. There are a dozen of them: some are based on a classic three-line design as the series has been doing for years, others are out of the ordinary. Zarqwa, for example, incorporates an étendue d’eau tout autour du terrain de jeu, allowing aux combattants les plus aventureux de nager d’un bout à l’autre de la carte pour prendre des assaillants à revers et parfois retourner le cours d’ a part.

It’s noticeable, and it’s something we’re not necessarily used to seeing in an episode of Call of Duty. The same for Santa Sena, who completely abandons the level design series classic down a simple stretch of road teeming with cars. The lines of fire here are tighter than usual, points are tough to defend, and with a few well-placed grenades, the early game feels like a car bomb fest that forces you to be alert before you run.

Many of these cards are designed precisely for a game close to that of Modern war, halfway between an assumed heaviness and the arcade side of the series. the level design take advantage of the use of doors, alternating between outdoor portions and tighter indoor environments, as is the case, for example, with Crown, a map that takes place on a Formula 1 track. The pace of the fights is always tense and the loop remains unchanged: you spend your time shutting down your brain to play the goals and run after the kill streaks (elimination streak), hoping to win the game and finish first on the scoreboard.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 // source: screenshot
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II // source: Screenshot

Class customization, an essential element of Call of Duty, has received a slight overhaul with modern warfare ii. Rarely have we seen such an advanced weapon modification system in a Call of Duty game. It is based on the multiplication of possible attachments and options to unlock your favorite rifles. Each weapon can accommodate five customization options, be it a scope, a new magazine, or an extended barrel, to choose from several dozen possibilities. The diversity of options offers great flexibility in the creation of classes, which is also accompanied by a quite significant novelty: the possibility of pressing a key to instantly access a shooting range. It allows you to test your weapon live, modifying attachments on the fly to compare different configurations. Once a weapon is maxed out, you even unlock a new weapon menu. fine tuning where it is possible to adjust the effect of each of the modifiers with gauges, to further refine the stats of your favorite blaster.

Technical problems that are too present and that limit progression

Too bad this new, more complex and flexible customization system brings with it a new and impractical way to unlock content. From now on, if you attach to a weapon and want to unlock all of its upgrades, you will no longer be able to play with it until you reach the maximum level. You have to play with other weapons. Do you want to unlock this new bezel for the M4? You have to level up this shotgun to level 13. Are you interested in a 60-round magazine for a machine gun? Very good, you just have to play with the AK-47 for three hours to unlock it.

Modern Warfare 2–5
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II // source: Screenshot

Each new attachment to unlock requires playing with different weapons, forcing you to try almost every weapon in the game to unlock all the skins and attachments you care about. A pity for players who do not want to change class every five games, and above all incomprehensible to ordinary mortals. You have to wander through menus that are not always clear and sometimes play with three different weapons to recover experience points and finally get a new look for your favorite weapon.

Apart from these few changes, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II is… above all a new Call of Duty. It plays like the previous ones, and it still looks like an IV dopamine dispenser for those chasing experience gauges. kill streaks and rewards. There remains this FPS that we launched to unplug the brain when returning from work to chain games with friends. Unfortunately, it loses a bit of the tactical dimension that the renewal of the formula brought in 2019.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 // source: screenshot
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II // source: Screenshot

It’s a bit sad, especially since it should be noted that the release of modern warfare ii It involves a lot of glitches and network issues. Problems with servers on consoles, crashes and disconnections on PCs and a fragile network infrastructure that still causes party members to disconnect too often… Not very practical when you want to play with your friends. We can only wait to see how this somewhat scarce content and these technical problems are corrected with the launch of the first season and the arrival of Warzone 2.0scheduled for November 16.

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II // Source: Capture PS5

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