Worlds of League of Legends: 5,000 euros in gifts to win thanks to Prime Gaming

game news Worlds of League of Legends: 5,000 euros in gifts to win thanks to Prime Gaming

In addition to the League of Legends World Championship, Prime Gaming offers various in-game rewards and physical gifts to win!

Prime Gaming Announces Partnership with Riot GamesOn the occasion of League of Legends World Championship which will take place until November 5.

Ten prizes of 150,000 Riot Points to win every day!

the League of Legends World Championship Group Stage start today the opportunity to Prime Gaming subscribers to collect rewardsand even actual physical gifts !

The rewards to collect with Prime Gaming are reserved for players of 16 years or older. You have to be in one of 22 eligible regions : France, United States, Canada, Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, Australia, Brazil, Spain, Mexico, Turkey, India, Netherlands, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, Sweden, Austria, Luxembourg, Poland, Egypt, Portugal or Saudi Arabia . Participate in giftsmust have performed certain actions during the broadcast of the World Cupdetailed in the dedicated site. For example, watching the World Cup on the day of the draw, going to the Prime Gaming website, following Prime Gaming on certain networks, entering a secret code revealed during the live broadcast…

Participate in the draw on October 7 for 150,000 Riot Points

You will have the opportunity to be one of ten winners of a 150,000 Riot Points prize pool (a lot of one value of 1000 euros), every day of the Worlds. Ten prizes will be offered each day. of competition, until the final. As a reminder, here are the competition days:

  • groups : from October 7 to 10 and from October 13 to 16 at the Hulu Theater at Madison Square Garden in New York (USA)
  • Quarter finals : from October 20 to 23 at the Hulu Theater at Madison Square Garden in New York (USA)
  • Semifinal : October 29 and 30 at the State Farm Arena in Atlanta (USA)
  • Final : November 5 at the Chase Center in San Francisco (USA)

As of October 18, the Prime members will also be able to get an exclusive emote in the game, called “Very Nasus, Much Wow”.

A prize of 5,000 euros, with stuffed animals, statues… and 350,000 Riot Points!

Worlds of League of Legends: 5,000 euros in gifts to win thanks to Prime Gaming

Above all, keep in mind that from now until November 6, Prime allows you to win a unique prize. The biggest prize, of a value of 5000 euroswill only be offered to only one of the players who participated in the draw. The content of this lot is important, since it offers among other things 350,000 riot pointsbut also physical gifts such as stuffed animals, a mouse, figurines

  • 350,000 riot points
  • Mouse pad signed by former professional League of Legends player Doublelift
  • Ashe 10th Anniversary Giclee Print Poster
  • Mythic Forge Poster
  • Corgnon Sugar Cone Plush
  • plush tibbers
  • Polar Tibbers Plush XL
  • Lux statue unlocked
  • Unlocked Viego Statue
  • Jinx statue unlocked
  • Yasuo Nightbringer Unlocked
  • Infinity Studio 1/4 Scale Zyra Statue (RESERVE SHIPPING Q1/2 2023)
  • Infinity Studio 1/4 Scale Fiora Statue (RESERVE SHIPPING Q1/2 2023)
  • Good Smile 1/7 Scale Elementalist Lux Figure (PRE-ORDER SHIPS Q1/2 2023)
  • Star Guardian Hope Medallion by RockLove
  • Thresh glow in the dark Premium Hoodie
  • League of Legends Premium Hoodie
  • empty pin pack
  • Poros pin pack

Participate in the draw for the lot of 5000 euros

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