Xbox Series: Twitter lights up on potential Keystone, Microsoft’s streaming game console

game news Xbox Series: Twitter lights up on potential Keystone, Microsoft’s streaming game console

We know Microsoft’s ambitions in the field of video games. With Xbox Game Pass, the Redmond company wants to offer a wide catalog to its subscribers, as well as a greater support offer thanks to its “Play Anywhere” philosophy. But that’s not all: behind the scenes, Microsoft is working on a new streaming game console that would join the Xbox Series family. So far, we’ve had few leads, but Phil Spencer, the head of the Xbox branch, may have teased something on Twitter!


  • Keystone, Microsoft’s streaming game console project
  • Stadia is dead, long live Keystone?

Keystone, Microsoft’s streaming game console project

Microsoft’s latest generation consoles, the famous Xbox Series X|S, will soon celebrate its second anniversary, but this does not mean that Microsoft plans to slow down when it comes to new features, especially hardware. “Keystone” is the secret project in which the Redmond firm has been working for several years. However, the company’s statements about it are hungry and the slightest hint sometimes sets fire to gunpowder on the Internet. We understand it because it could be a great revolution on the part of Microsoft. As far as we know, “Keystone” would be an HDMI dongle (a component that connects to, among other things, a PC screen or a TV) allowing you to stream games without having to go through a console.

as we mentioned in an article last Maythe “Keystone” project is taking its time, in particular due to difficulties with the console’s operating system, and would only reveal information from 2023. However, this does not prevent Microsoft from making a small advance on this secret object that could be dynamited. the interest and effectiveness of Xbox Game Pass pending official communication. That’s a good thing because Xbox branch boss Phil Spencer may have taken on the role of the mischievous executive who drags (voluntarily?) a small sharp detail.

Stadia is dead, long live Keystone?

It is well understood: on the web, there is almost nothing that escapes the surveillance of Internet users. In social networks, some scrutinize even the smallest details and the message published by Phil Spencer, the great boss of Xbox, was not saved! On the occasion of twenty-five years of the Fallout franchise, The Microsoft exec shared a photo of his collection of goodies, neatly placed on a shelf where a Vault-Boy sits proudly, not far from the Kojima Productions muse. But that’s not what intrigued Twitter users!

Within the gallery of collectibles stored on your shelf, we can notice a small white rectangular object bearing the iconic Xbox logo sitting on top of the collection. It didn’t take long for players to see it as a hint from the “Keystone” project, maybe even a prototype skin.. Anyway, only Phil Spencer has the answer about this strange object that could offer gamers the joys of video games without the sky-high hardware costs, be it home consoles or sometimes very expensive PC components.

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